Republicans insensitive ro Reagan’s Death

Letter to the Editor I’m somewhat disturbed by the lack of sensitivity of Republican comparing Bash and Reagan. I was never a Reagan fan – but I don’t see the comparison. Reagan would never have fabricated a fake war and got over 800 American killed. Reagan would never have allowed rape, torture, and murder at […]

Ashcroft Torture Memo Coverup

Bush approved the Torture

Of cource it’s not like he directly said – go torture those people. That’s not how these kind of orders are given. The president has to have his deniability, He has to be able to claim that – “I didn’t know they were torturing people. I am like so shocked!” So here’s how this sort […]

US will give Iraq Sovereignty

As long as we control it. Iraq can be free as long as they are under our control. As long as they do want we say. After all – they don’t know how to be free. Their just Muslims. We have to teach them freedom and in order for them to learn it – they […]

New Iraq Timeline Site – Incredable Information!

This guy Max Black has posted a new web site outlining in detail everything leading up to the War in Iraq. Some of it goes back to Prescott Bush’s Nazi days. I just can’t stop reading it!! If you like what you see – please link to Here’s a sample” The 1980s: 1980 […]

Cheney Learns from Reagan

A few months ago it was revealed that Cheney learned something from Reagan. “Ronald Reagan taught us that deficits don’t matter.” Great lesson Dick! Isn’t it interesting that you don’t hear Republicans talking about the deficit anymore. No longer do you hear the words “balanced budget”. It looks to me like Republicans have abandoned fiscal […]

Reagan is Dead – Finally!

Letter to the Editor Different people have different opinions about the life of Ronald Reagan – but there’s one think I think everyone agrees on. America will be forever in his debt. ——- Thanks to FOX NEWS for reading this on the air! Died at a good time too. I’m getting tired of D-Day and […]

1000 days since 9-11 bin Laden still free

Letter to the Editor On Monday June 7th 2004 will be 1000 days since Osama bin Laden blew up the World Trade center on September 11th 2001. Bin Laden is still free and I can’t help to think that he’s not seriously being pursued. It seems to me that if America was REALLY focused on […]

Fun with Google!

Go to Google and search on the word “failure” and see what comes up.

Kerry and Flip Flopping

The Republican controlled press wants you to believe Kerry Flip Flops on everything. If Kerry stopped flip floping they would report “Kerry flip flops on flip flopping”. But this is the same press that’s trying to convince you that the economy is strong so take into account where it’s coming from. The press is so […]

Bush Dirties Christiian Identity

The biggest losers in the Bush culture revolution are the ones who back him the strongest – Christians. Bush has done more to hurt the image of Christianity than anyone since the Crusades. Bush identifies himself as a Christian in every move he makes and thus hold himself out as an example of Christian behavior. […]

Did Al Gore Finally Find his Testicals?

Perhaps he did. This is the speech he gave for If he only spoke like this when he was running in 2000 then maybe the country wouldn’t be going to hell. Gore finially says it like it is and apologizes for shouting down people like me who were trying to speak out against the […]

Media Coverage of Enron Ripoff

I want to thank CBS for airing the Enron tapes – but I can’t help to notice that the rest of the media is virtually ignoring the issue. I remember the coverage of President Clinton where the employment of a 5th cousin was front page news for 2 months – but under Bush when they […]