Bush vs. Kerry comparison chart

Here’s a Kerry vs. Bush Comparison Chart I’m working on. Take a look at it and add more comparisons.

Bush Flip Flop List

OK – Bush likes to talk about Kerry Flip Flops – so – let’s list Bush flip flops. I want to build a collection and create a web site about it. Here’s one to start with. Bush was going to hunt bin Laden down and get him. Now he’s not that interested in him. This […]

Nancy Reagan won’t Support Bush

The widow of former President, and Republican icon, Ronald Reagan has told the GOP she wants nothing to do with their upcoming national convention or the re-election campaign of President George W. Bush. Nancy Reagan turned down numerous invitations to appear at the Republican National Convention and has warned the Bush campaign she will not […]

Dropping AT&T for Verizon cell phone service

I’m tired of the poor service and the dropped phone calls and audio so choppy that you can’t make out what was said. After many many complaints I just decided that I can’t take it anymore and need real cell phone service that works. I don’t know about other areas but in San Francisco AT&Y […]

PayPal Class Action and Proposed Settlement


Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior

From Capitol Hill Blue Bush Leagues Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior By TERESA HAMPTON Editor, Capitol Hill Blue Jul 28, 2004, 08:09 President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned. The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. […]

I thought tonight was going to be boring …

… but I was wrong. I really like Teresa Heinz Kerry a lot. I think she’s going to make a great first lady. But the men are going to beat her up for having an opinion. They’ll continue to demonize her like they do to Hillary. I enjoyed Ron Reagan’s speech education all of us […]

Reagan’s Legacy Continues

Tonight we’ll hear Ron Reagan – his son – and speaking in behalf of his mother – the former first lady Nancy Reagan – will give up the fetus fetish and endorse stem cell research. Ron Reagan is not endorsing the Democratic Party. He is speaking to people who are reasonable enough to listen to […]

Something I didn’t Know About the National Debt

Letter to the Editor Bill Clinton – in his speech last night told me something I didn’t know. I knew that Bush was stealing our Social Security to fund tax cuts for the rich. But I didn’t know Bush was borrowing money from the Chinese to fund tax cuts for the rich. Who would have […]

Text of Clinton’s Speech

Thank you. I am honored to share the podium with my Senator, though I think I should be introducing her. I’m proud of her and so grateful to the people of New York that the best public servant in our family is still on the job and grateful to all of you, especially my friends […]

CNN – On the other hard ….

… after Clinton giving the defining speech of the election, what does CNN talk about? The talk about Teresa Kerry telling a right wing rag to shove it. It clearly shows how biased CNN is and how they are owned by the Republicans. During Al Gore’s speech CNN was running a crawl under his picture […]

Clinton was so powerful – even Fox News is Praising him!

This is amazing. Even Fox is praising him. They look real worried. Some of them look like they are even going to vote for him. I think a lot of right wingers are really afraid tonight. This looks like a turning point to me. Fox calls Clinton a rock star. Nothing but praise. The only […]

Clinton’s Speech was so great!

Letter to the Editor For those of you out there who are speculating that Clinton’s speech will overshadow Kerry’s speech – well – you may be right. Clinton gave a hell of a speech. I don’t think there’s any way Kerry is going to top that. But if he does – Bush doesn’t stand a […]

I was worried …

… that the Democrats would wimp out at the convention. But they are doing REALLY well – MUCH better than I expected.

Fuck the News Media

I was talking to Bartcop about the debate as to if blogs like mine are more accurate that the news media – and clearly I get it right more often than they do. And that’s not hard. I made the point that if I had a blank page I could win that battle. Now they […]

Al Gore Sounds Good Tonight

I wish he sounded that good 4 years ago. I was also concerned about reports that the Democrats weren’t going to go negative – which caused me to worry that non one would bring up all the problems of the Bush administration has caused. But Gore came out hitting Bush hard and I’m hopeful this […]

9/11 Report Misses Real Problem

Letter to the Editor The 9/11 report fails to address the real problem that lead to the disaster. The real problem isn’t just the CIA and FBI – it’s the president. Bush was told and he ignored it. Even after the attack had begun and he was told the second time – he just kept […]

Have you seen JibJab.com?

If you haven’t seen it – it’s great. Check out this flash cartoon.

Bush to dump Cheney for Hillary

OK – you heard it here first. I bet there’s a Pulitzer prize waiting for me but here’s the BREAKING NEWS! Bush is not only going to dump Cheney – but he’s going to try to woo Democrats by putting together a unity ticket. And what Democrat is Bush going to pick to be his […]

Why is anyone still Catholic?

It amazes my why anyone is sticking with the Catholic religion. What is with this cult? It appears that the Catholic Church’s idea of “reform” is to overturn the laws that make them responsible for priests fucking children. So – if you are Catholic – how can you justify giving money to an organization that […]

IRS holding up approval of my Church of Reality

Still waiting for the IRS to make a decision about if they consider the Church of Reality a real church. It’s supposed to take 3 months and now it’s 7 1/2 months and no word. Last time I called the IRS person said they were behind and didn’t know when they were going to catch […]

Formal Request for UN Election Observers

As a citizen of the United States of America – a nation that is supposedly “of the People, by the People, and for the People” and as a former candidate for the US House of Representatives (1998) and as a former candidate for United States Senate (2000) I – on behalf of the People of […]

Bush rapes young boys

Secret film shows Iraq prisoners sodomised Young male prisoners were filmed being sodomised by American soldiers at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, according to the journalist who first revealed the abuses there. Seymour Hersh, who reported on the torture of the prisoners in New Yorker magazine in May, told an audience in San Francisco […]

Bush Moves to Steal Another Election

Letter to the Editor The Bush administration is moving to steal the election again by postponing the election in case of an attack around election day. If this passes and Bush is behind in the polls – there will be an attack to delay the election. A president who is crooked enough to go to […]

A FlyBoy’s Story – Over and Over and Over again!

It’s the story of Bush’s father being shot down in WWII and CNN is playing it over and over again. It’s bad enough that they are running this propaganda in the first place – but now they are showing it several times a day – every day – over and over. Bush is in real […]

Republicans want to spy on what you read

Letter to the Editor I remember when the Republican Party believed in less government – personal liberty – and keeping the government from spying on it’s citizens. How different things are today as the Republican congress blocked a measure that would have ended the government watching everything we read at the library and what we […]

Bush Issues Politically Terrified Alert

The Bush administration today issued another terror alert triggered by the popularity of the Kerry / Edwards ticket. This is yet another fake terror alert providing no useful information. Homeland security chief Tom Ridge had NO SPECIFIC INFORMATION and had nothing new to say other than be scared of the boggyman. But is any of […]

Ken Lay will never see justice

Letter to the Editor Although it’s nice that former Enron chairman Kenny Boy Lay will finally be charged with a crime – he’ll never go to prison. That’s because he’s the reason Bush is president and he’s Bush’s biggest contributor. There’s no doubt that Bush is going to pardon him – especially if he loses […]

Working on church of Reality Doctrine

As some of you know – I am the First one of the Church of Reality and I’m working on an interesting question that many people are asking. The question – will the Church of Reality lose it’s focus and become corrupted like all the other religions. Isn’t it inevitable that if the Church of […]

Suing PayPal

Update on the PayPal situation. On June 13th PayPal closed my account because they didn’t like the material on my web sites. Yesterday I filed a small claims court case against them for $5000 – the mex you can sue for in California. Here’s the details of my encounter with them and there’s a recording […]