Ken Lay will never see justice

Letter to the Editor Although it’s nice that former Enron chairman Kenny Boy Lay will finally be charged with a crime – he’ll never go to prison. That’s because he’s the reason Bush is president and he’s Bush’s biggest contributor. There’s no doubt that Bush is going to pardon him – especially if he loses […]

Working on church of Reality Doctrine

As some of you know – I am the First one of the Church of Reality and I’m working on an interesting question that many people are asking. The question – will the Church of Reality lose it’s focus and become corrupted like all the other religions. Isn’t it inevitable that if the Church of […]

Suing PayPal

Update on the PayPal situation. On June 13th PayPal closed my account because they didn’t like the material on my web sites. Yesterday I filed a small claims court case against them for $5000 – the mex you can sue for in California. Here’s the details of my encounter with them and there’s a recording […]

News Media Kerry / McCain Ticket Fiction

It’s amazing how the “legitimate press” fabricates news. If you listen to them you would get the idea that Kerry had offered McCain the VP slot and McCain turned it down. But Kerry never made McCain any offers according to both Kerry and McCain. This was a media fabrication because either they wanted to see […]