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This post was written by marc on July 7, 2004
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It’s amazing how the “legitimate press” fabricates news. If you listen to them you would get the idea that Kerry had offered McCain the VP slot and McCain turned it down. But Kerry never made McCain any offers according to both Kerry and McCain. This was a media fabrication because either they wanted to see that ticket – or – they wanted to be able to say Edwards was Kerry’s second choice after McCain.

The truth is – it’s fiction. It never happened. But the Republican owned news media will create any story to help Bush steal the election. And this is yet another example of it.

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McCain is in a real tough spot. He’s a good guy, he opposed the war, deep down he thinks Bush is a piece of shit. But then there’s party loyalty. If you look at McCain’s face as he endorses Bush, it’s like watching Abraham kill Isaac, the latter symbolizing his utmost principles, with no one to get him off the hook. Blind party loyalty sucks, on all levels.

Written By Alex Libman on July 7th, 2004 @ 3:06 pm

He is a true conservative who holds no greed or hatred torwards anyone. He is a true American and Patriot. Tho he is George’s Bitch.

Written By Joshua Gillogly on July 7th, 2004 @ 4:16 pm

McCain a “true American and Patriot”? Ha! He’s a RINO. He’s anti-Second Amendment (Anti-rights, for the liberals who can’t count past the First Amendment). He’s a politician. Ergo, he can’t be a “true American”, and he can’t be a “true Patriot”. It’s a double negative, not a positive.

Oh, and the “Republican owned news media” thing? You are delusional. Your view of the universe is skew-symmetric

Written By Me on July 7th, 2004 @ 5:55 pm

It’s amusing how the Republicans don’t like the media because they are “Liberal”, and the liberals don’t like the media because they are too republican. What the hell is up with that??

Written By Shadow Hawk on July 8th, 2004 @ 9:04 am

It is true that he is a douche bag and a mofo, but you can’t argue that he is the only good conservative in any sort of power, if anyone has any articles about him being curropt or greedy, cuz i wanna see them.

Written By Joshua Gillogly on July 8th, 2004 @ 11:45 am

The Republicans only paint the media as ‘liberal’ when there is a big story or number of small stories criticizing republican ideals and administrations. This is a very repetitive tactic used to tighten their grip, the media takes these remarks as signals, or better yet, warnings, then stops reporting on that subject(s). The media moguls are intimidated by threats to be blacklisted for attempting to undermine etc, etc.

For example, Abu Ghraib… big story, made the republicans steam, and for such a huge contraversy, it lasted about a week, without any huge investigation, then disappeared into obscurity. (I think I actually heard a small blurb about the prison a week and a half later.) And that story was basically wrapped up with the small fry GIs going to court, whatever. Gone. No Biggie, right? Wrong. Who remembers how furious the republicans became? Making comparisons of one life to another as if they were God themselves. THEN it vanished. Magic! Then basically that was countered with the grisly beheadings of Americans, and the footage of them gagged and bound or pleading for their lives etc, etc.

It’s just wayyy too predictable and even fun if you turn it into a game you can play with your friends! Buy the home-version of the game at
Wal-Mart today! Ages 6 and up. May contain lies
harmful to small children.

Written By SuprShite on July 8th, 2004 @ 2:40 pm

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