Text of Clinton’s Speech

Thank you. I am honored to share the podium with my Senator, though I think I should be introducing her. I’m proud of her and so grateful to the people of New York that the best public servant in our family is still on the job and grateful to all of you, especially my friends […]

CNN – On the other hard ….

… after Clinton giving the defining speech of the election, what does CNN talk about? The talk about Teresa Kerry telling a right wing rag to shove it. It clearly shows how biased CNN is and how they are owned by the Republicans. During Al Gore’s speech CNN was running a crawl under his picture […]

Clinton was so powerful – even Fox News is Praising him!

This is amazing. Even Fox is praising him. They look real worried. Some of them look like they are even going to vote for him. I think a lot of right wingers are really afraid tonight. This looks like a turning point to me. Fox calls Clinton a rock star. Nothing but praise. The only […]

Clinton’s Speech was so great!

Letter to the Editor For those of you out there who are speculating that Clinton’s speech will overshadow Kerry’s speech – well – you may be right. Clinton gave a hell of a speech. I don’t think there’s any way Kerry is going to top that. But if he does – Bush doesn’t stand a […]

I was worried …

… that the Democrats would wimp out at the convention. But they are doing REALLY well – MUCH better than I expected.

Fuck the News Media

I was talking to Bartcop about the debate as to if blogs like mine are more accurate that the news media – and clearly I get it right more often than they do. And that’s not hard. I made the point that if I had a blank page I could win that battle. Now they […]

Al Gore Sounds Good Tonight

I wish he sounded that good 4 years ago. I was also concerned about reports that the Democrats weren’t going to go negative – which caused me to worry that non one would bring up all the problems of the Bush administration has caused. But Gore came out hitting Bush hard and I’m hopeful this […]