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This post was written by marc on July 26, 2004
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… after Clinton giving the defining speech of the election, what does CNN talk about? The talk about Teresa Kerry telling a right wing rag to shove it. It clearly shows how biased CNN is and how they are owned by the Republicans.

During Al Gore’s speech CNN was running a crawl under his picture talking about the “shove it” story. Now – when they cover the Republican convention – what do you think the chances are that they will run a crawl about his “get fucked” comment? See what I mean? They are so much Bush’s puppet at CNN.

I remember when there was a free press in America. I think the news in Russia is more accurate than America.

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I get three Russian channels with news direct from Moscow. I lived there for 10 years 12 years ago. Trust me, America is light-years ahead. Then again, Russia is still recovering from a political situation from which many countries take generations to recover. Let’s compare apples to apples. Let’s compare America to Canada, to Australia, to Western Europe. Let’s ask ourselves why America, with all its huffing and its puffing, is becoming a second-rate country when it comes to free press?!

Written By Alex Libman on July 26th, 2004 @ 8:58 pm

I thought CNN was owned by the democrats? Fox has the republicans. Sean has his show on fox.

Written By Jim on July 27th, 2004 @ 9:51 am

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