I thought tonight was going to be boring …

… but I was wrong. I really like Teresa Heinz Kerry a lot. I think she’s going to make a great first lady. But the men are going to beat her up for having an opinion. They’ll continue to demonize her like they do to Hillary. I enjoyed Ron Reagan’s speech education all of us […]

Reagan’s Legacy Continues

Tonight we’ll hear Ron Reagan – his son – and speaking in behalf of his mother – the former first lady Nancy Reagan – will give up the fetus fetish and endorse stem cell research. Ron Reagan is not endorsing the Democratic Party. He is speaking to people who are reasonable enough to listen to […]

Something I didn’t Know About the National Debt

Letter to the Editor Bill Clinton – in his speech last night told me something I didn’t know. I knew that Bush was stealing our Social Security to fund tax cuts for the rich. But I didn’t know Bush was borrowing money from the Chinese to fund tax cuts for the rich. Who would have […]