I thought tonight was going to be boring …

This post was written by marc on July 27, 2004
Posted Under: Politics

… but I was wrong. I really like Teresa Heinz Kerry a lot. I think she’s going to make a great first lady. But the men are going to beat her up for having an opinion. They’ll continue to demonize her like they do to Hillary.

I enjoyed Ron Reagan’s speech education all of us about the sciense of stem cells. And I liked that it wasn’t political. Quite frankly – if he were invited – he would give the same speech at the Republican convention. All they woulfd have to do is invite him. So – it’s not that he chose the Democrats – it’s that the Democrats chose him and the Republicans rejected him.

Dean and Kenedy were a little boring. I wanted to see Dean do the screch!

I liked Barack Obama a lot. I’d never heard of him before and he’s a great speaker. Really helped get the “we are all in this together” theme across.

All in all the Dems are on a roll. Doing much better that I expected.

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