News Media Kerry / McCain Ticket Fiction

It’s amazing how the “legitimate press” fabricates news. If you listen to them you would get the idea that Kerry had offered McCain the VP slot and McCain turned it down. But Kerry never made McCain any offers according to both Kerry and McCain. This was a media fabrication because either they wanted to see […]

It’s Edwards!

I am so glad he didn’t pick Gephardt! One of the defining moments of the Gore campaign is the really bad decision he made in picking Joe Lieberman. It weas one of many really bad decisions Gore made that led to him failing to become president. So I was worried that Kerry might make a […]

Bush Seeks Political Control of Churches

In yet another example of why the separation of Church and State is a good thing – Bush is making a blantant attempt at controlling the politics of churches. And – like he does with corporation that support him I’m sure he will dole out his faith based rewards based on the support the church […]

Clinton Beats His Wife!

Thanks to Bartcop for this idea. This is how the right wing news media would spin this headline. The story is that Bill Clinton’s book has beat Hillary’s book in the New York Times Bestseller’s list.

Did Saddam Gas the Kurds? Or was it Reagan?

It was the 1980s. Saddam was America’s puppet in Iraq fighting the Iranians who has just turned into an Islamic state after America’s puppet – The Shaw of Iran – died of cancer. Osama bin Laden was our buddy in Afganastan and the Teliban was know as the MujaHadine Freedom Fighters. Reagan was trading arms […]

What are War Crimes?

Here’s a little something I snagged off of CBS News – what are War Crimes? Their story is in reference to Saddam – but look at the list and see how many of these apply to Bush. Look to me like Bush has committed most of these crimes himself. No wonder Bush was so interested […]

Can Republicans say “Go Fuck Yourself”?

I guess so? That’s what Vice President Cheney said on the Senate floor. And – he refuses to apologize for it. So – I’m confused. I thought that the Republicans were the party of family values and that we had a Christian nation? What kind of example does it set for Christian children when Cheney […]

Price of Freedom Fries keeps going up

When France opposed the illegal war in Iraq and led the coalition of the unwilling against being suckered – Bush started calling them “Old Europe” and renamed French Fries to Freedom Fries. Now he goes crawling on his hands and knees begging the French to forgive him and give him money and troops to help […]