Arnold Speaks of an Alternate Reality

Letter to the Editor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a good sounding speech but he seems to be talking about a different reality than the one I remember. He says that we have a strong economy now in spite of the recession we inherited (from Clinton). It reminds me of a sci-fi movie where there’s a alternate […]

Most RNC Speakers are Pro Choice

I find it amusing that the Republicans are trotting out their pro-choice liberals to try to fake a reasonable face to a party that’s trying to take those liberties away. All I see is deception.

Republican Convention – A Celebration of Failure and Ignorance

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting that the Republican convention is a celebration of all the failures of the Bush administration. Starting with 9-11 a tragedy that happen because Bush was on vacation and ignored all the warnings of the impending attacks. They praise Bush’s response to 9-11 when his response was to sit there […]

Where are the Republicans?

OK – I did make it into a letter to the editor. Letter to the Editor There seems to be two Republican parties – the republican party that is in power – and the pretty face that they are trotting out at the convention. They are bringing out the liberal Republicans like John McCaim and […]

Lipstick on a Pig

As the Republican convention opens the GOP is hiding it’s real face from the public. They trot out McCain and Schwarzenegger to put a pretty face on the pig. The neocons are being pushed into the background as they try to pretend to be reasonable. If the GOP were honest they would be trotting out […]

Kerry should not have pulled the McCain ads

This cartoon was true 4 years ago and it’s still true today. I think Kerry should not have pulled the McCain ads exposing McCain as a liar for Bush. McCain want to have it both ways – to compain about what Bush did to him – and to endorse a man who McCain clearly hates […]

Bush Wears Ribbon he didn’t Earn

Not just a deserter – now he’s an imposter! But will you see this in the Republican Controlled news? No! They are busy asking if Kerry won his metals. You don’t see the media asking where Bush was when he was supposed to be serving in the National Guard.

It’s about the Future – not the Past

Letter to the Editor We have an election coming up that will determine the future of America. I wish the media would shift the focus of the election coverage to where America is going rather than rehashing Vietnam again. I call on the media to reality test the positions of the candidates and try to […]

Marine admits role in prisoner murder

Torture – slaughter – murder – rape – America in denial. They beat prisioners to death and turture them to death and Americans are such cowards that we can’t admit the truth of what happened. For murder – this guy gets off with a fine and reduction in rank. Look at the language in this […]

Swift Boats for Truth lies exposed

This New York Times Article exposes the lies of the swift boats for truth organization as well as the ties to the Bust administration. I don’t know where people get this false idea that just because someone was in the millitary that they are somehow more honest than those who weren’t. For example – Bob […]

Anger as Bush bids to exploit Olympic games

The Guardian President George Bush stood accused of appropriating the Olympic movement for political means last night, amid reports he was planning to visit Athens later this week to watch some sporting events, including a potential gold-medal winning bid by the Iraqi football team. According to unconfirmed reports in the US, the White House is […]

Sad Day for Working People

Letter to the Editor There are two kinds of people in the world, the corporate owners – and the slaves who work for them. Starting Monday the slaves have to work harder and longer for less money because under new federal regulations – we lose our overtime pay. People work hard and need rest, time […]

Fixing the Election

How will you know if the election is fixed and the press is in on the fix? One simple indicator is if the media decides not to do exit polling. The exit polling would be a strong indicator if the election results deviate from the way people voted. So if you hear the media saying […]

Bush Resume

Past work experience: * Ran for congress and lost. * Produced a Hollywood slasher B movie. * Bought an oil company, but couldn’t find any oil in Texas, company went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock. * Bought the Texas Rangers baseball team in a sweetheart deal that took land using tax-payer money. […]

Perkel vs PayPal

I went to the hearing yesterday. No decision was made at that time. The judge took it under submission. I have no idea if I will win or not. I do think the judge believed everything I said – but he complained it was a complex case for small claims court. But – this is […]

Off to court with PayPal today

Well – today is the day I go to cmall claims court against PayPal. It’s at 1:00 in Santa Clara County. It should be interesting. My first experience in California small claims court. This incident is about PayPal cutting me off and siezing my money because they didn’t like the content of my web site. […]

Church of Reality Logos

OK – I have some new logos that have been submitted to become the Church of Reality logos. Looking for some feedback on what people think. The halo image is very powerful. A halo is a symbol that says this object is holy – or scared. Which is what the Church of Reality is all […]

Death Tax and Church Donations

Now that the death taxes have been eliminated for the super rich – I was wondering if this has cut into charatable donations from estates that uned to be used to reduce the tax burden. Has this hurt church donations?

New CIA Chief considers himself unqualified …

… which is why Bush picked him ….. You won’t see this story in the GOP controlled press. US Congressman Porter Goss, nominated to be the new director of the CIA, may be talking himself out of the job, according to film-maker Michael Moore. Moore, who directed the film Fahrenheit 9/11, has released an interview […]

Leaning towards Kerry

In a nation where one party owns the press – the GOP – how do you tell what the polls really are. In 2000 all the polls showed Bush ahead of Gore but when the election happened Gore won the popular vote by 500,000 votes. So – in this “too close to call” race – […]

Bush did not win Florida

Just to clear things up once and for all – Bush did not win Florida. Neither did Gore. Nobody won the election in Florida. What happened is that the Supreme Court in a Supreme act of Treason to the Constitution stopped the election process and without any constitional authority to do so – appointed Bush […]

Curveball wanted for Murder / Counterfieting

Bush’s partner in Iraq Ahmad Chalabi who the CIA called “curveball” and who the Bush administration relied upon in the decision to go to war is wanted for murder and counterfieting money. Is there anyone connected with Bush who isn’t a thief?

Man who videos own beheading speaks out!

You might have seen this story in the news lately about the San Francisco man who put up a fake video of a beheading (of himself being beheaded) and the Associated Press took it as real. Since then the respectable press has been trying to cover their asses and distort the truth to make it […]

Now Keyes is the Carpetbagger

Letter to the Editor Alan Keyes will run for US Senate in Illinois where he has never lived. Keyes once called Hillary Clinton a carpetbagger for running for Senate in New York is now doing the same thing. Amazingly how these Republicans flip flop when it works to their favor. The Keyes candidacy raises questions […]

Fried Onions Without Frying

Do you love sandwiches with fried onions on top but you don’t want to actually fry onions? I figured out a trick that will save you the time and the grease. Microwave the onions. Just cut up the onions and put them on a paper towel and nuke them in the microwave for 90 seconds. […]

Who is Dishonest and Dishonorable?

Letter to the Editor John McCain today called the right wing attack ads on Kerry’s war record “dishonest and dishonorable” and urged Bush to condemn it, which Bush would not do. “It was the same kind of deal that was pulled on me,” McCain said. But I don’t think McCain has any room to call […]

Terrorists Like Bush!

Letter to the Editor Bush made an amusing statement today that I think many in America agree with. But what he said probably isn’t what he meant. “Our enemies,” says Bush “are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither […]

Another Bush slip of the tounge

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we,” Bush said. “They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.” Our Moron in Chief

Yet Another Orange Alert

Letter to the Editor Today’s Orange Terror Alert is yet another reminder that America is losing the war on terror because we have a president who in incompetent. America is not safer than before we invaded Iraq because we let the real enemy get away and become even stronger. We need a president who’s family […]