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This post was written by marc on August 18, 2004
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I went to the hearing yesterday. No decision was made at that time. The judge took it under submission. I have no idea if I will win or not. I do think the judge believed everything I said – but he complained it was a complex case for small claims court.

But – this is win/win for me because it will actually be harder on paypal if they lose. PayPal asserted policies in court that they can terminate anyone for any reason whatsoever. And that’s going to bite them someday. Winning this case will cost PayPal more money than if they lose it.

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just hate to see a commentless blog…

Written By charlie chingas on August 19th, 2004 @ 12:07 pm

I hate bogless comments, which I have noticed recently some people can’t stay on track.

Paypal are bitchs marc they are greedy bastards. If you don’t win this then you still got them by the balls, Good Job.

Written By Joshua gillogly on August 20th, 2004 @ 10:50 am

I wish you the best of luck.

Written By mike baiely on August 23rd, 2004 @ 12:31 am

Thank you Marc for all of your postings. So far PayPal has managed to tied up over $7,500 of my money along with lock up a personal bank account for me. It’s going to be a long 180 days. Best of luck to you.

Written By G. Snyder on August 23rd, 2004 @ 8:24 am

You will never beat Paypal. It will be funny though. Thanks, have a piece of pie.

Written By vortican on August 27th, 2004 @ 3:02 pm

Just as an added comment: I also started out suing PayPal in Small Claims Court. That was a year and a half ago. since then it was transferred to Municipal Court (at the request of Payal) where they submitted a fraudulent document as evidence. The judge was NOT pleased, ruled their actions “Unconscionable” and sent it to Common Pleas Court where damages are unlimited. On Oct 22, 2004 I will be meeting PayPal where the damages claimed are now over $1.5 million (Defined Statutory Damages). If they don’t settle, I now have three attorneys who will take it to the next level and sue under the RICO act for treble damages and they only collect if they win.

All because PayPal wouldn’t tell me where my money (about $850-$900) was located. They STILL won’t tell me where it is!

Kent S Clark (Yes, it’s my real name)

Written By kentclark_Really on October 4th, 2004 @ 6:52 pm

I don’t know about YOUR case, whether it will cost PayPal more money if they lose it, BUT, in MY court case, my attorneys and I are discussing a claim to have PayPal disgorge all of their fees obtained from transactions in Ohio while they have operated here illegally (i.e. without the required license from the Ohio Secretary of State).

It won’t really matter to them though, unless the Judge order THAT remedy. (about 13%, rough estimate, of their total U.S. fees to date, while operating in Ohio without proper licensing. eBay/PayPal has about 1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion with a “B”) in CASH and short term investments (like money market funds)as of their latest quarterly filing with the S.E.C. as of Sept 30, 2004. $29 million here (a lawsuit they lost), 10 million there (what the FEDS fined them so far), $350,000 anotherplace (what NY Atty General got for their violations in that state only). It barely registers on their balance sheet!

Anyone who wishes to have any questions answered about my dealings, may contact me at — — On Order of the court and advice of counssel I cannot, and therefore WILL NOT, however disclose nor discuss ANYTHING discused or stated in my recent mediation hearing.

Written By Kent S Clark on October 24th, 2004 @ 6:39 am

In what court and jurisdiction did you sue paypal. They ripped me off of 7500.00. My lawyer here in Ky. said that you have to sue in Californai!! Is that right. Would you attorneys represent me against paypla??
My email is


Written By JOHN heath on May 23rd, 2007 @ 6:31 pm

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