Republican Convention – A Celebration of Failure and Ignorance

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting that the Republican convention is a celebration of all the failures of the Bush administration. Starting with 9-11 a tragedy that happen because Bush was on vacation and ignored all the warnings of the impending attacks. They praise Bush’s response to 9-11 when his response was to sit there […]

Where are the Republicans?

OK – I did make it into a letter to the editor. Letter to the Editor There seems to be two Republican parties – the republican party that is in power – and the pretty face that they are trotting out at the convention. They are bringing out the liberal Republicans like John McCaim and […]

Lipstick on a Pig

As the Republican convention opens the GOP is hiding it’s real face from the public. They trot out McCain and Schwarzenegger to put a pretty face on the pig. The neocons are being pushed into the background as they try to pretend to be reasonable. If the GOP were honest they would be trotting out […]