Church of Reality opens Religion Discussion Forum

I have started a religion discussion forum for the Church of Reality. If you want to debate religion or learn how to spread the world about Reality then Click Here. And remember – Darwin loves you!

GOP wants Star Tribune to suspend poll

Are the Republicans manipulating polls? Do they believe that polling numbers influence the public? Is this why we see Bush ahead in the polls? MINNEAPOLIS – The Star Tribune has declined to suspend its Minnesota Poll at the request of State Republican Party Chairman Ron Eibensteiner, who said the poll is “fatally flawed.” On Friday, […]

Kerry needs to appeal to STUPID PEOPLE

I strongle suggest simplifying the messages. One line – easy to remenber. Hammer it! Hammer it! Hammer it! BUSH = FAILURE over and over and over and over. Bush is doing this and it’s working. Bush’s messages are: Kerry = flip-flop Kerry will raise your taxes Kerry is too weak to deal with terrorists To […]