Finding Unity in Division

Letter to the Editor America is a very divided and polarized nation and there’s very few things we agree on anymore. Sometime one has to really search to find something that most people agree on when it comes to politics. But one thing I think most people can agree with is that the war in […]

The US Atrocities that Kerry was exposing

The Swift Boats Veterans for “Truth” have be running ads against Kerry because he accused US forces of committing attrocities in Vietnam – as if speaking out is some sort of crime. The real crime was what was going on in Vietname at the time and the heros were the ones who were speaking out […]

Election Choice – Success or Failure

Letter to the Editor This election is about the future of America. Do we stick with failure – or do we go back to success? The Bush presidency has been a miserable failure. The war in Iraq is a failure. The Republican Congress is a failure. The economy is failing. Our schools are failing. The […]