What Conservatives think about the Debate

I’m posting this whole article from the National Review in case they try to pull it or change it. Sure answers the question on who won the debate. by Jay Nordlinger. National Review Managing Editor. I thought Kerry did very, very well; and I thought Bush did poorly — much worse than he is capable […]

Kerry stood straight – Bush Slumped

Bush is shorter than Kerry – but he was even shorter tonight because Kerry stood straight up and Bush was slumping. Bush was so out of it that he couldn’t even stand up – and it was a reflection of where he was emotionally. Kerry hicked his ass and you could see it in how […]

Objective tests as to who won the debate

Of course the real test is to see how it affects the polls. But as far as testing it right now – the instant polls are strongly in favor of Kerry. But one of the tests too is that the Kerry people are happy and the Bush people are unhappy. And I think that’s probably […]

Kerry won it – big time!

I was really nervous about this one – but Kerry really won it. Even the coverage on Fox News showed that Kerry was the clear winner. Bush supporters are clearly depressed and Kerry supporters are clearly elated. Kerry was no Clinton – or even a Reagan for that matter. But – as I saw on […]

Take away the Debate Notes

Letter to the Editor Having watched the debates I have a problem with the fact that the candidates had prepared notes to read answers from. Several times I saw that Mr. Bush was flipping through what was what we called when I was in school, a cheat sheet, with what seemed to be prepared answers […]

A Victoy against PayPal

I found a trick that worked for me to get my account closed and get my money back. I filed a complaint with TrustE and they acted – and it worked! As you know – PayPal doesn’t close accounts. They “Limit” the account forever. They steal your money for at least 180 days and often […]