Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Banning Sex with Corpses

hmmmmmm – is this Republicans trying to pose as compasionate conservatives? Also makes you wonder if anyone voted against this and why. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Having sex with corpses is now officially illegal in California after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill barring necrophilia, a spokeswoman said on Friday. The new legislation marks the […]

Bin Laden Still Free

Letter to the Editor It’s been 3 years since Osama bin Laden destroyed the World Trade Towers and killed 3000 people. Bush said that bin Laden was wanted “Dead or Alive” he was going to “Smoke him out”. But now Bush says bin Laden has been “marginalized” and Bush says. “I truly am not that […]

What is it like to be brainwashed?

This is what it’s like. Here’s a moonie that wrote me. This person has no idea she’s brainwashed. Note – according to her – the Moonies are Republicans. Something I’ve known for years. Moomies hate paragraphs. I get a lot of Moonie email like this and they all say I have no right to speak. […]

It’s that he lied about it

Letter to the Editor I remember when the Republicans were trying to get President Clinton kicked out of office saying, “it’s not that he had sex with that woman – it’s that he lied about it.” Now we get to say the same thing. It’s not that Bush has strings pulled to get him out […]

Real Estate Bubble to Bust like Dot Coms did

Have you been wondering why real estate prices are so high? It’s because of a huge amount of speculation in the market and cheap and easy to get loans. First – the low interest rates are creating artificially high prices. When interest rates were 8% there was a limit to how much of a monthy […]

My take on Kobe Bryant

Rape cases are difficult but I have some real problems with rape shield laws. I have seen both sides of the issue. Women who need the protection of the law – and women who lie about being raped for either money or to try to cover up infedelity. Most people are aware of real rapes […]

Will America Collapse Economically?

Letter to the Editor The numbers are out and at 422 billion dollars Bush has set a new record for deficit spending. But what is even scarier is the projections that in a decade that the annual deficit will be 2.2 trillion dollars a year. I don’t believe that we will actually reach a 2.2 […]

New Word: Extinctionist

I’m inventing a new word. The name for a religious belief that is the opposite of evolution. I call the Extinctionists. Evolutionists are people who believe that people and animals are evolving – and getting better. Evolving into something greater – improving.. But and Extinctionist is the exact opposite. Not only don’t they believe in […]

Why we fear Bush

Letter to the Editor People wonder why some of us are so dead set against a second Bush term. I can sum it up in a few sentences. When we look back at what happened in the last four years and seen America decline – we wonder if it’s even repairable now. We fear that […]

Screwed by PayPal in small claims court

I got the decision in small claims court in the mail and I got screwed. The judge – who really wasn’t a judge but a fill in lawyer – complained that the case was too complex for small claims court and recommended I hire a lawyer. The decision: Defendant (PayPal) acted within the scope of […]

Who is the girly man?

Letter to the Editor Arnold Schwarzenegger told the Republican convention “I saw tanks in the streets. I saw communism with my own eyes.” and that as a child and that he left a “Socialist” country when he moved away in 1968. The problem is that while what Arnold said was moving – the problem with […]

Bob Dole withdraws $8000 week in cash?

Riggs Affair Sparks ‘Suspicious Activity’ Alert on Dole WASHINGTON — The Riggs National Bank scandal has led to unexpected fallout, including “suspicious activity reports” on former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci, Friday’s Wall Street Journal reported. As often as once a week, Mr. Dole’s assistant walks around the corner […]

Zell Miller’s Military Record

So – after all the chest beating and chalenging Chris Mathews to a duel – what’s the story on his military record? Anyone know?

Two Anti-Kerry Vets Tapped for VA Panel

Bush Administration Appoints Two Veterans in Anti-Kerry Ads to VA Advisory Panel WASHINGTON Sept. 3, 2004 — Two former Vietnam prisoners of war who appear in ads attacking Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry were appointed by the Bush administration to a panel advising the Department of Veterans Affairs. The former POWs in the ad, Kenneth […]

Curveball – He’s Back!

Ahmed Chalabi – code named by the CIA “curveball” continues to live up to his name. First he was the guy who brought Bush a lot of the misinformation he was looking for to justify the war in Iraq. He seemed destined to be Bush’s hand picked leader of Iraq but then the relationship fell […]

How Goes the Iraq War?

Here’s a chart of Bush’s success in Iraq.

Kerry FINALLY Kicking ASS!!!

I think Bush is in for a bigger fight than the Republicans realize. Here it is 30 minutes later and he’s taking Bush on big time. Good to hear him bring this back from the GOP fantasy to reality.

Bush’s Speech was Lame

Letter to the Editor GOP conventions have sure changed over the years. There’s a lot of things you don’t hear about anymore that the Republicans used to at least give lip service to. What you don’t hear is the words Balanced Budget anymore. They no longer talk of Paying off the National Debt, Where is […]

Daily Show Clip – Bush Words

Here’s a Daily Show Clip in Real format called Bush Words. It covers the lies on the war on terror.

The War in Iraq is Wrong

Letter to the Editor Zell Miller gave a hell of a speech except that it is based on a false set of facts. After all the chest pounding is over, the fact is that America is not safer because we went to war with Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 or terrorism. The […]

Moore laugh$ off McCain In$ult

This is a funny one. McCain just gave Moore a free plug. Now lots more people will see the movie. You would think the McCain would have at least WATCHED the movie before criticizing it. But Bush sucked him into giving the speech because as dumb as Bush is – he’s smarter than McCain. Bush […]

Swift Boat Vet Got $40M Contract From Bush

Article from the MisLeader The Bush White House has denied any connection to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth – the group that has been airing factually unsupportable smear ads against Sen. John Kerry’s war record. But a new report today shows that one of the key accusers in the smear ads was a lobbyist […]