Cheney says – check the web for facts

During the debate – Cheney siad to go to and check out the facts. I agree – go there and find out for yourself.

News Coverage of the Debates

It’s interesting to see that Fox News has it more accurate than Microsoft NBC. Fox seems to know that Cheney got his ass kicked and trying to explain that. Microsoft NBC thinks Cheney won it in spite of the reality that Republicans are very unhappy tonight about the job Cheney did. The numbers I’m looking […]

Kerry 2 – Bush 0

Another happy night for me. Edwards kicked butt! I didn’t think he was going to do much more than tie Cheney and I thought Cheney was going to do a lot better than he did. Cheney did come across as Darth Vader and he also came across as not very smart. I suppose that that […]

Pre Debate Spin – VP

This is going to be an interesting debate. Cheney has the experience advantage – but also the experience disadvantage in that there’s the Cheney Bush record of failure he has to try to pass off as some sort of success. I expect the VP debate to be smarter than the last presidential debate. Unlike his […]

The GOP Message in just a few words

Here’s a Quick Time Movie that gets the GOP message down to a few words and phrases.