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This post was written by marc on October 5, 2004
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It’s interesting to see that Fox News has it more accurate than Microsoft NBC. Fox seems to know that Cheney got his ass kicked and trying to explain that. Microsoft NBC thinks Cheney won it in spite of the reality that Republicans are very unhappy tonight about the job Cheney did.

The numbers I’m looking for is the audience size. How many people actually watched it because if the audience was high – then that’s good for Kerry. That means that people were interested and that they got to see it first hand for themselves.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft NBC seems to disagree with its viewers. 70% give it to Edwards and 30% for Cheney. So I would say that Microsoft NBC is losing the debate with it’s viewers.

So – are all these online polls wrong? Do Democrats have more computers than Republicans? I agree that online polls are less scientific that GOP manipulated polls – but when it’s so slanted in favor of Edwards – there has to be some reality there.

CNN changed the question on their web site. Instead of asking who won – now they are asking if the debate will help you decide. CNN doesn’t want to call it for Edwards who was winning 85 to 15 percent when CNM pulled the poll.

I’m seeing far less polls tonoght than I did last thursday. I see less that 1/3 of the polls last week. Seems to me that the news media doesn’t want us to vote online any more because the voice of the people must be suppressed.

CBS News running 87 Edwards – 20% Cheney.

Fox News – with 184,000 votes Edwards winning 53% to 46%. And Fox is heavily biased towards Republicans. What this says is that Republicans know Edwards won it. Thanks to Fox for being a little more honest than NBC.

Admit it! If Edwards wins a poll on FOX – Edwards won it! And he won it BIG!!!

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