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This post was written by marc on October 5, 2004
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This is going to be an interesting debate. Cheney has the experience advantage – but also the experience disadvantage in that there’s the Cheney Bush record of failure he has to try to pass off as some sort of success. I expect the VP debate to be smarter than the last presidential debate.

Unlike his performance in the real world – Cheney will come across as a nice guy. He will not be Darth Vader and anyone who underestimates him will be making a mistake.

I’m sure Halliberton will be mentioned – but not sure how it will play out. The real targets are at the top of the ticket and both of them know it.

Edwards is a legendary trial lawyer and he got that way because he can not only think on his feel – but can convince a jury to vote his way. Edwards is definitely the most likable person in the race and his personality will draw people to the ticket who are uncomfortable with Kerry’s personality.

Cheney will create confidence in the ticket where people are worried that Bush is to stupid to be president. I think it would help Cheney to just admit he’s the puppeteer and Bush is the puppet.

Momentum is with Kerry so Cheney has to do better than just beat Edwards or hold his own. Cheney needs a decisive win just to stop the bleeding. Edwards needs to handle the issue that he isn’t experienced enough to become president in case some right wing idiot kills the president. If the debate is a tie – that’s not good enough for the Bush team because for Edwards to tie Cheney makes him as big as Cheney.

As to Edwards being a lawyer – that’s not going to count against him. As to Cheney being a business CEO – that’s not going to count against him either. If this debate is about hating lawyers vs. hating corporate execs – no one wins.

If I were Edwards – I would talk about the future of America. Where were we four years ago – where are we now – which was are we heading – and do we want to stay the course to failure – or do we want to go back to success?

That’s my take on the pre debate spin. Let’s see what happens.

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