Five Bucks worth of Gas

I remember when you could drive into a gas station and put 5 bucks in and it was significant. But now 5 bucks of gas is less that 2 gallons and it keeps going up. If we have 4 more years of Bush it’s going to cost $100 every time you want to fill up […]

Watch the Debates

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to see the difference between what the media says about the debates and what the online polls say. Some people thing the press is liberal – while others thing that the press is Republican owned and controlled. So I say – get rid of the media filter and watch […]

Pre Debate Spin

Coming up on the second debate between Bush and Kerry. What are the stakes this time? First – at this point all honest people know that Kerry beat Bush to a pulp last time. Could Bush do even worse this time? I have to say I doubt it. I’m predicting Bush will do better. So […]