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This post was written by marc on October 7, 2004
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Coming up on the second debate between Bush and Kerry. What are the stakes this time?

First – at this point all honest people know that Kerry beat Bush to a pulp last time. Could Bush do even worse this time? I have to say I doubt it. I’m predicting Bush will do better.

So – how will the media spin that? They will use “Bush Math” to describe it. Bush will have made “great progress” since the first debate, where Kerry made “no progress”. Thus they will conclude that Bush has momentum and Kerry doesn’t. That Bush’s gains since last time was far greater than Kerry’s gains. Bush is moving forward while Kerry is standing still.

It’s the same math as they use on the economy. When the deficit doesn’t increase as fast as some predicted it would – then Bush calls that “progress” and a “recovery”.

I have no doubt that Kerry will wind the second debate. The only variables are by how much and how the media will lie about who won. In the VP debate Edwards clearly won – but the media disagrees with reality and after being pressured by Bush – they are now saying the Bush admin line.

Microsoft NBC was the biggest whore. No matter what happens in Friday’s debate – MsNBC will say that Bush won it. They are totally sold out.

But – there will be viewers and people will get to see it for themselves. My hope is that there will be a big audience to watch so that it doesn’t get filtered by the Republican controlled news media.

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