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Note – these files will be taken down on Nov 2. The only reason I have them here is for the election. Once that is over then you should go to the theathers and video stores and see the movie there. I want to thank Michael Moore and the distributors for allowing me and others like me to make the available to you to be downloaded. I’ve heard that this will be shown election night on pay-per-view. I encourage everyone to return Moore’s generocity, and that of Lion’s Gate, and pay to see it.

Want to see just a few clips of F 9/11? You can download it in pieces here.

If you can help host these files on your server it will get to more people.

Mirror site with additional videos at:

OK – I’ve taken the link down in order to get the server ready for the election results. I want to thank Michael Moore for generously granting permission to pass these files around. Over 50,000 of you downloaded it from my site – and there were a number of other sites who posted this because I did it first.

For those who are wondering – at no time has anyone contacted me to take the files offline. This confirms my position against the critics that Michael Moore not only gave permission – but had the authority to do so.

Here’s a Movie of Bush flipping the bird! I’d like to see christian conservatives explain this!

Michael Moore has made several Public Statements that web sites should pirate his movie. He cares more about getting rid of Bush than making money. He says he has already made plenty of money on it and he wants people like me to spread it around. So I’m relying on his statements as a grant to spread it around.

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