Why I’m posting Fahrenheit 9-11 for downloading

I’m posting Fahrenheit 9/11 for downloading. You can get it at This Link. I want to say something else about the legal issues of putting this on the web. Here are the facts: Michael Moore made public statements giving me and people like me permission to post it. I am relying on his permission. Michael […]

Bush flipping the bird – One Finger Salute – Movie

Here’s a Movie of Bush flipping the bird! Now tell me – is this guy really a Christian Conservative or is he just taking advantage of Christian’s ability to be easilly fooled? I mean really – between this and Cheney’s Fuck You – you would think Christians would figure it out that they had been […]

Kerry will win the election – but …

Bush is going to cheat every way he can. Clearly in spite of the Republican owned media support, its pretty clear that Kerry is actually way ahead. So far that they can barely contain it. But now we are facing a fake election with rigged voting machines and the question is – what are we […]