IRS goes after NAACP to suppress Black Vote

This post was written by marc on October 29, 2004
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The IRS is being used by the Bush administration to intimidate the NAACP and to suppress the black vote. The NAACP is accused of using their tax exempt status to oppose the Bush administration. The NAACP is barred from political endorsement but are permitted to make statements about policy. I find it interesting that the IRS chooses to go after the NAACP for legal policy comments while ignoring the fact the the Bush campaign has asking churches to turn over their membership lists to his campaign which is totally illegal.

It’s not the NAACP who is breaking the law here – its the IRS who is breaking the law. They are allowing themselves to be used to affect the outcome of the election by going after Democrats only and ignoring Republican abuses. We can not allow Bush to keep people of color from voting. In this nation every person has a right to vote, but in order to preserve that right people have to stand up and take that right and vote out the oppressor. Its time to fold or fight and I say show up at the polls and fight.

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