Why Young People should Vote

This post was written by marc on October 29, 2004
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Letter to the Editor

It is well known that young people 18-24 don’t vote and old people do. Many young people think there’s no reason for them to vote. After all – if the election isn’t tied – what’s the chances that someone is going to win by one vote? But there are other reasons to vote than breaking a tied election and I hope that people of all groups who don’t usually vote will think about these reasons.

Because older people show up at the polls politicians know they better take care of old people. That’s why social security is something politicians protect. But young people don’t vote – so if they cut college funds and raise tuition – so what? Why cater to a group of people who don’t vote? So as you can see – it’s not even as much of an issue who you vote for as it is to show up and vote so that your group’s numbers are higher. When you vote you are really voting twice. You are voting for your candidate and your issues – but you are also voting for your age group – your race – and your gender. If young people show up in strong numbers then politicians will take young people’s issues into consideration. As you know – the issue of the military draft is on the table. Either candidate might institute the draft. So it’s important for young people to vote sending whoever wins a message – we’re young and we vote. Show them you have a voice because you show up to vote.

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