Does Osama help Bush or Kerry?

This post was written by marc on October 30, 2004
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Letter to the Editor

It’s hard to tell how Osama bin Laden will affect the election since his October surprise appearance just 4 days before the polls open. Osama apparently wants to affect the election – but in what way? The conventional wisdom is that Osama helps Bush because in the past whenever there have been terror alerts Bush’s numbers have gone up, and Osama is the ultimate boogie man. On the other hand – the very fact that Osama has surfaced and is looking fit and healthy is a stark reminder that Bush failed to capture and kill him like he promised to. And – I hate to agree with Osama on this – but if Bush had ordered fighter jets into the air instead of doing the photo op reading “My Pet Goat” to kids – then those planes might have been intercepted before the could hit us. So Osama hurts Bush because he exists and speaks and reminds us that Bush has failed to get him.

Perhaps we can guess who Osama wants to win by figuring out who will benefit him the most? Does Osama want Bush or Kerry to win? It’s been 3 years since 9/11 and Osama is not only free – but he’s well dressed and looking fit and trim. Looks like he’s doing very well under Bush. America is bogged down is an unrelated war and has become a symbol of fund raising for the terrorists. High oil prices are making the bin Laden family very rich. From that it would seem that he would want to keep Bush.

Furthermore – Osama says that neither Bush or Kerry can keep America safe and that if we don’t attack him – he won’t attack us. Its like he’s trying to make a deal. Bush has been playing down Osama in the last two years saying, ““I truly am not that concerned about him.” Perhaps the reason America hasn’t been attacked is because Bush made a deal? I would think Osama would want a president who was not concerned about him. So – what is Osama’s hidden message? Perhaps he wants you to vote for Nader? Who can tell?

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