Osama’s Hidden Message

This post was written by marc on October 31, 2004
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Letter to the Editor

Many people are speculating about if the Osama bin Laden tape has a hidden message in it. What is bin Laden trying to do? Bin Laden is telling America that he won the battle against Bush. He is showing that he is alive, he is healthy, he is strong, that he is confident, that he is in control, that he is still a threat, and that he isn’t afraid of George Bush. He mocks President Bush for reading “My Pet Goat” giving him more time to kill Americans. He is confirming Bush’s statement that Bush is truly not that concerned about him.

Bin Laden is asserting that he is powerful and that Bush doesn’t scare him. His message is – Bush has failed and that Bush is a weak leader. And the sad thing is – Osama is correct.


Here’s the simplified version of Osama’s measage:

Hey Bush

I won – you lost!

You are a moron!

You are weak and stupid!

America is Weak!

Look at me!

I’m out there – I’m free!

I’m laughing at America.

You want me – bring it on!

And – bin Laden is right! Bush really is a weak moron. In 4 more years bin Laden will still be free.

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