US is losing Iraq war: Powell

Daily Times Monitor LAHORE: Secretary of State Colin Powell has privately confided to friends in recent weeks that the Iraqi insurgents are winning the war, quoted Newsweek as having reported. The insurgents have succeeded in infiltrating Iraqi forces “from top to bottom,” a senior Iraqi official told Newsweek in its Monday’s issue, “from decision […]

Blair backs Kerry!

Nov 1 2004 TONY Blair has privately admitted that he wants Democrat John Kerry to win tomorrow’s US election. The Prime Minister has acknowledged to at least two confidantes that a Kerry win would be a ‘lifeline’ for his own political future. If Kerry does triumph, the result will undoubtedly help draw the poison out […]

Last chance for Fahrenheit 9-11

This is the last day that I’ll be hosting F 9-11. Even though Michael Moore said we could pirate his movie – I believe that really means only till the election. By tomorrow about 50,000 people will have downloaded it directly from my server. Additionally other sites have sprung up that are also hosting it. […]

My Take on Osama bin Laden’s message

font color=red>OBL message was directed at Kerry Trying to put all my partisan biases aside – what does the OBL tape really mean? OBL had a message – but what is he really trying to say and accomplish? After giving this careful thought it looks to me like he is NOT trying to affect the […]