Last chance for Fahrenheit 9-11

This post was written by marc on November 1, 2004
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This is the last day that I’ll be hosting F 9-11. Even though Michael Moore said we could pirate his movie – I believe that really means only till the election. By tomorrow about 50,000 people will have downloaded it directly from my server. Additionally other sites have sprung up that are also hosting it. So I became the site that showed the world that it was OK to do this. So I wouldn’t be surprized if hundreds of thousands of people got to see the movie.

I put it up and no one asked me to take it down. Thus it appears that Micheal Moore’s offer to share his work for free was genuine that with the blessing of all interested parties. And – I fantasize that if Kerry wins by a small number of votes – that I will be the one who put him over the top.

I was interviewed by Wired Magazine and was asked if I was aware of any right wing sites doing the same thing. I said that I wasn’t – and that it would be illegal if they did. You see – Michael Moore gave it away for free – but the greedy Republicans didn’t so I have the advantage over them. I’m not breaking the law – but they would be. Kerry might get elected because Democrats are more generous than Republicans.

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Micheal Moore is a genius in the fact that he can deceive so many people. His whole aura is a facade. The clothes he wears, the way he grooms himself (or lack there of), posing for his book covers etc. It’s all so unbelievably fake. He uses the same media scare tactics he despises in Bowling for Columbine in his own movies. And somehow by looking like an “average joe” he appeals to people. People can relate to him since he dresses in a ratty t-shirt, jeans and a sweatshirt; when in all reality the man is a multi-multi millionaire. He sells what people buy, and the ignorant ones won’t even question it. He’ll conjure up something at all costs to attack the very nation that gives him the right to do so.

Just as a note, his movies are strictly a unilateral production with a full liberal slant whereas Farenhype 9/11 has a bipartisan cast and even some of Clinton’s advisors etc.

Also search for David Kopel’s Deceits of 9/11. He’s not a Republican either.

Written By notjohn on November 2nd, 2004 @ 4:22 pm

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