My Take on Osama bin Laden’s message

This post was written by marc on November 1, 2004
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font color=red>OBL message was directed at Kerry

Trying to put all my partisan biases aside – what does the OBL tape really mean? OBL had a message – but what is he really trying to say and accomplish?

After giving this careful thought it looks to me like he is NOT trying to affect the outcome of the election in spite of the fact that it comes just days before the election. There are so many elements that both hurt Bush and help Bush that I have to say it’s neutal.

Let’s look at the facts and see if there is a big picture here. We all know that OBL was behind 9-11. And we all now know that he’s free and apparently doing well. And I think that one of the missing pieces of the puzzle is – that Bush and Osama have made a deal. And the deal is – you don’t kill me – and I won’t attack America.

Over a year ago the Times of India ran an article suggesting that Bush and OBL made a deal. Bush doesn’t want Packistan to capture OBL. Then when Bush hd OBL at Tora Bora – he let him get away on purpose. But the think that really points to a deal is that Bush has actively downplayed the importance of capturing OBL. He has made many statements like, “I truly am not that concerned about him. I know he is on the run.” He described bin as “marginalized” and said, “I just don’t spend that much time on him.”

So – for those of you who are wondering why America hasn’t been attacked – it’s not the Patriot Act – the Jailing of Martha Stewart – or the deportation of Cat Stevens. Bush made a deal with OBL and as a result – we have a small wondow of security in exchange for OBL prospering in the middle east. I for one think its a bad deal.

So – now we are on the verge of an election and OBL appears on TV. Why? Because he has a message for Kerry. OBL can see that Bush is about to lose and if Bush loses – the deal goes away. So OBL is reacking out to Kerry to continue the deal. That is the message and that’s why OBL made it.

Look at his change in demeanor. For the first time he is well dressed and groomed. He is not shown carrying a gun. He is going out of his was to be charking rather than threatening. As if he is preparing the American public that his deal – “you don’t attack usd and we won’t attack you” is something that is acceptable. And at some point Bush is going to have to break it to Kerry that there is a deal or the message will get to him through the Saudi embasy.

Making the deal with OBL is a serious mistake. Its a short term fix but the kind of fix that will get us into trouble in the long run. America has a history – mostly under Republican presidents – of getting into bed with the wrong people. OBL has now joined the club with Saddam Husein, the Shaw of Iran, Marcos, Franko, Noreiga, Pol Pot, Charles Taylor, Pinochet, and others. This is a mistake – and it will end under Kerry – I hope.

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