Working on a different blog tonight

I’m working with my good friend Bartcop and I set him up with a new blog and we are all posting election results there.

Difference between Democrats and Republicans

The Democrats are trying to get everyone to vote – especially Democrats. Republicans are working to prevent people from voting – especially Democrats.

When will we know?

That is an interesting question. And it depends on how close it is. The news media in an attempt to appear responsible will not start calling the results until the polls close. But – that doesn’t mean they don’t know beforehand. In races where there is a significant gap there is exit polling and the […]

This is it people – Election Day

So – its time to vote. Time to get out there and make a difference. I voted this morning. I still have Fahrenheit 9-11 online for the next few hours. I don’t know when I’m going to take it down but it will be sometime soon. I need to free up the resources so that […]