When will we know?

This post was written by marc on November 2, 2004
Posted Under: Politics

That is an interesting question. And it depends on how close it is. The news media in an attempt to appear responsible will not start calling the results until the polls close. But – that doesn’t mean they don’t know beforehand.

In races where there is a significant gap there is exit polling and the news media knows these figures. Just because they don’t tell you who won doesn’t mean they don’t know. They need to know ahead to figure out how to coner the event. And – I think you’ll be able to tell by things they hint at which way things are going.

In fact – and trying not to be optimistic – but most media I see seem to be aware that Kerry is winning. A lot of voting has already occurred and there may be enough information out there to make a good guess.

I am hopeful that the dark day of America will soon be behind us. And – then there’s the cheating factor that I’m woried about. Kerry can win by a landslide but between the GOP controlled media they may call Bush the winner like they did the last time.

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