Veterans vs. Draft Dodger – who is tougher?

This post was written by marc on November 10, 2004
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This is the start of my review of the elections. So who is tougher? Most people would think veterans are – and if you do – you are wrong.

Lets go down the list and see who’s tough and who’s a pussy.

  1. Bush – draft dodger – politically tough. This guy is crooked as hell but he kicks butt. Bush can get right in your face and tell a boldface lie so well he could probably pass a polygraph test. This is a guy who argues “Why should we tax the rich? The just cheat their way out of paying anyhow.” To Bush – honest is for suckers. The most important thing in politics is sincerity – and once you learn hor to fake that you have it made.
  2. Kerry – war hero – pussy. He had a choice to get tough or be nice. He chose to be nice and he lost. He could have got tough and told the truth the way it is – but he wimped out. He could have stood up and fought for it – but he had to be politically correect when we needed someone who was going to win.
  3. Al Gore – pussy – Gore served in Vietnam – barely – but he did serve. But he’s a guy who was to cowardly to stand up with Clinton because the Republicans suckered him into deamonizing him.
  4. Clinton – draft dodger – Kicks Republican butt like there’s no tomorrow. Clinton won two elections in a landslide and even during his impeachment the Democrats gaind seats in the House and Senate and the impeachment forced two major Republicans – Newt and Livingston – out of being Speaker of the House. Democrats who stuck with Clinton won. Democrats who abandoned him lost.
  5. Bob Dole – war hero – well – he got shot in the hand anyhow. Sellout and pussy best describe him. Served his country with honor. Clinton totally kicked his ass. Dole was a political coward. he was so owned by the Tobacco indusrty that he wasn’t allowed to say that cigarettes were bad for you. It’s not just that he lost to Clinton – but that he sold his loyalties to someone other than the American people. Dole is a discrace to America.
  6. Bush Senior – Veteran Mr. Winp Factor – pussy – Won his first election on Reagans coat tails but was no match for the draft dodging Clinton who focused like a laser beam and totally kicked his ass.
  7. John McCain – Prisoner of War – pussy – sellout – McCain hates bush but you would never know it except for a few moments where McCains conscience crys out and he can help but to speak the truth. But he is soon slapped down by his Republican owners and wimpers off like a puppy who has been slapped on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. To call McCain Bush’s butt boy would be too generous. For someone who spent 5 years in a POW camp you would thin McCain would be tough. But the GOP has surgically removed his spine and he is little more than a puppet and an embarrassment to even think of his as an American.
  8. Reagan – draft dodger – but reagan kicks ass. no one out there looks a Ronald Reagan as a wimp even though he served not one day in the millitary. No one will say that Reagan isn’t tough. When you compare politicians to Reagan – veterans like Dole and McCain don’t even qualify to be in his shadow.

The bottom line is that there seems to be an inverse relationship between millitary servive and being politically tough. And I don’t think its a coincidence. People who serve in the millitary aren’t leaders or free thinkers. Their job is to serve – to obey. To fight and die isn’t necessarilly a brave thing or something that come from strength. To not fight and die and to survive often does. People like John McCain, John Kerry, Bob Dole, and Al Gore – these men are not leaders. In contrast – George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton are. These are people who aren’t afraid of what other people think and they lead the direction – not follow others. And this is not to put down the sacrifices that people in the millitary make – but – making them a leader after a life of following is just putting them in the wrong job.

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