NBC Criticizes Bloggers for Election Conspiracy Theories

This post was written by marc on November 11, 2004
Posted Under: Politics

I was watching the NBC evening news tonight as they dismissed people like me who question the results of the election – inferring that we are all part of the tin foil hat club. But where do left wing nutcases like myself get our information? What makes us think there’s something to this? Well – I saw in on a report by Keith Oberman of MSNBC who spelled out a lot of the details. Areas where there are more votes than voters – areas that are 80% Democrat voting 80% for Bush – and exit polls that show a kerry landslide? And we are suppoed to trust these results?

So if NBC wants to understand why we don’t trust the election – it’s because we are watching NBC. If this election wasn’t stolen – no one would ever know it because of all the cheating.

The Republican message is – we may have cheated – but we would have won anyway! Trust us – we have a mandate!

Where have we heard THAT before?

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