News Media Tries to Immitate Bloggers

This post was written by marc on November 17, 2004
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I find it amuzing the the main stream media thinks they can immitate the credibility of bloggers just by buying some blog software and publishing their news in blog format. There’s a big difference between real bloggers and our media immitators. Real bloggers are writing about their own opinion. Its an act of total free speech.

On the other hand the corporate bloggers are what they are – corporate bloggers. They are hired to write what the corporation wants to say and what the corporation wants to say is the script that is sent to them from Karl Rove in the Whitehouse. That’s why you won’t find them calling Bush a war criminal or reporting that Al Gore really did win the 2000 election and that America is merely a simulated democracy.

The corporate bloggers might have more resources to find news that us real bloggers but the news they find and what they report are two different things. These fake bloggers are on a short leash and although they technically have the freedom to write anything they want – they can only do it once and they are out the door.

So – if you want the real news – go to the sites where the grammar and spelling are poor and the message is both true and interesting. I suppose it is a form of flattery that corporate media has addopted the blog format because it is more trusted than the mainstream news. But what they don’t get is the difference between form an substance. You don’t achieve sincerity by learning better ways to fake it.

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Poseurs. The revolution will be blogged and their stupid poseur-y fake blogs will only serve to show how little they know about the real spirit of the blog world.

Written By Vestal Vespa on November 24th, 2004 @ 12:47 pm

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