America the Stingy

Letter to the Editor The Bush administration looks stingy and selfish by only offering 35 million dollars in aid to the tsunami victims where over 100,000 were killed and millions left homeless. When 9-11 happened we spent 15 billion dollars to support corporate airlines – 500 times as much as we re offering in aid […]

Marc Perkel on Mike Malloy’s Show on Air America Radio

Dear Church of Reality Membership, Last night’s interview on the Mike Malloy Show on Air America went very well. It lasted about 16 minutes less commercials and music and my only regret was that it didn’t last longer. I don’t know how many people it reached but I’m sure it was a lot. For those […]

More Thoughts on Gay Marriage

I keep struggling the the Gay Marriage issue and it’s not something that is an easy decision for me. But I am still against it because it’s a matter of trying to stretch a definition beyond reality by slowly pussing the limits over the line. But – I do support civil unions – and this […]

Two Years since Laser Eye Vision Correction

A little over two years ago I had my eyes lasered and it really made a difference. I was 5.5 diopters nearsighted – which means that if I didn’t know where my glasses were – I had a hard time finding them. So – being nearly blind without glasses I decided to get my eyes […]

Perkel to be Interviewed on Air America Radio

Good news on the radio interviews front. Mike Malloy of Air America Radio has agreed to interview me on Wednesday December 29th at 11:00pm East coast time (8:00 pacific time) about the Church of Reality. I will be on for 30 minutes (15 minutes less commercials) and will be reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners. […]

Muslims stone children to death

Letter to the Editor The Muslim religion claims to be a peaceful religion and it strives for acceptance in the world community. However today the Muslim dominated government in Iran will execute a 19 year old girl for sex crimes as a result of her being forced into prostitution by her mother. They are going […]

Church of Reality – about to launch!

San Francisco, CA – Marc Perkel today announces the official launch of the Church of Reality starting with a radio campaign on KFRC Radio in the Bay Area. Perkel is spending $7500 for a three week radio campaign to raise money to spread the word about his new church. Perkel hopes to challenge other religions […]

Redhat Fedora Core 3 – Definitely worth skipping – Review

Fedora Core 3 is not a pretty release for Redhat. The original distribution is very buggy and if you install everything – you are looking at hundreds of megs of new downloads to fix it. Once you get it working and download all the fixes it seems to work fine. If you are already running […]

Fahrenheit 9-/11 distribution – so what happened?

Below is an article about an interview I did for The Independent as I was distributing Fahrenheit 9/11 before the election. People were wondering about copyrights and if I was going to get sued. But like I said – it would never happen – and it didn’t. As it turn out it was like I […]

Islam executes children for being forced to have sex

The force children to have sex and then they execute them for thier crime. To Islamics sex is a higher crime than murder. This is what happens when religion controls the government. This could be what America’s future looks like if we don’t get back to reality. Here’s the Story

I’m tired of Red State vs. Blue States

I’m tired of people talking about red states and blue states as if everyone in red states voted for Bush and everyone in Blue states voted for Kerry. States didn’t vote – people do. So those who feel like boycotting red states are a silly as those who like all black people are all alike. […]