Alberto Gonzales bad choice for Atorney General

Letter to the Editor President Bush’s choice of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General is a really bad decision. Alberto Gonzales was the one who wrote Bush’s pro torture memo that led to American sponsored torture and murder at Abu Ghraib prison. If America is going to portray itself as a civilized nation it has to […]

End of Tyranny – Or just the Beginning

Letter to the Editir Mr. Bush talks about an end to tyranny, but if he really wanted to end tyranny – he would resign. That way senior citizens wouldn’t have to eat dog food so that the rich can get tax breaks. He uses words like “expansion of freedom” to mean that that we are […]

Four More Years of Shame and Failure

Letter to the Editor I am not optimistic about the future of America. I wonder if we will still be a nation four years from now. When I look at how far America has fallen in the last four years I can’t help but to wonder if we are at the beginning of the second […]

Been Busy – Church of Reality – Spam Filtering

Trying to get back into blogging. Still working on Church of Reality web pages and deploying a network of spam filtering computers. I registered a new domain: I have what is probably the best spam filter on the planet. And I’m hosting over 100 domains as well as being a front end filter for […]

Finally! A Democrat with Courage!

Letter to the Editor It may be 4 years after when it should have been done but finally – a Democrat who has the courage to stand up and speak the truth. Barbara Boxer – thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally someone is talking about election fraud! Finally someone is bringing up the reality […]

Two Radio Interviews I did receintly

I’ve done two interviews lately about my Church of Reality. On December 27th I was on Air America Radio being interviewed by Mike Malloy. It was a good interview and you can listen to it Here. Then – later that week I talked to Joe Vecchio on the Cup of Joe blog. That interview was […]

Will Democrats stand silent again?

Letter to the Editor Four years ago when Bush stole the election the Democrats stood silent and allowed it to happen and suppressed the voices withing their own party who wanted to speak out about election fraud. We now have another election that although wasn’t as close as last time – was still riddled with […]