Two Radio Interviews I did receintly

This post was written by marc on January 5, 2005
Posted Under: Religion

I’ve done two interviews lately about my Church of Reality. On December 27th I was on Air America Radio being interviewed by Mike Malloy. It was a good interview and you can listen to it Here.

Then – later that week I talked to Joe Vecchio on the Cup of Joe blog. That interview was also very good.

I’m looking for other interview opportunites to talk about my new emerging religion, the Church of Reality. The Church of Reality is openly challenging the claim of some right wing Christian groups that they have taken control of America and that they own the moral high ground. We assert that we Realists own the moral high ground and our Sacred Principles are superior to the Ten Commandments.

So – I am looking for opportunities to debate religion – especially on the basis of what is real. America has turned it’s back on reality and it will be punished for doing so. I give a good interview and I am a sharp debater and I’m someone who is interesting enough to attract an audience – especially during ratings periods. Listen to the interview and if you like what you hear – there’s more where that came from.

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