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This post was written by marc on January 14, 2005
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Trying to get back into blogging. Still working on Church of Reality web pages and deploying a network of spam filtering computers. I registered a new domain:

I have what is probably the best spam filter on the planet. And I’m hosting over 100 domains as well as being a front end filter for many others. But it’s interesting trying to get people to use it because giving up a small amount of control of your email to someone else is difficult to do. I’ve had many people have a hard time crossing that barrier. But once they do – they are hooked and surprized that it was easy and just works.

Lately I’ve been testing a number of new features of Exim that is going to allow me to make yet another increase in accuracy. It fixes a problem where I couldn’t receive email from some severely misconfigured email servers.

I also have this idea of providing free spam and virus filtering for nonprofit organizations. I’ve been gearing up the servers to be massivle parallel so that I can deploy any number of these servers in a variety of geographic locations and take on an unlimited amount of load levels by adding more computers to the network. And – I think it’s going to be fairly inexpensive to do especially as I find people willing to donate servers in datacenters for the job.

All these computers will be running the same software and running off the same routing lists. If any server goes down the remaining server will transparently reroute the email traffic with no interruption in the service. These front end servers will also be able to buffer and store email in case the nonprofit’s email server goes down and then transfer all pending messages when it comes back up.

Most nonprofit orgs do good work and are wasting a lot of time and money dealing with spam and viruses. I think I can provide this service at no cost to them and very little cost to me and recover that timeand money so they can be doing other things besides hitting the delete key all day.

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I just got done reading about your spam filter, and it sounds VERY cool. It makes me wonder why developers at comcast, msn, and AOL don’t employ some of your solutions.

Providing it free to non-profits is QUALITY.

Written By DougK on January 14th, 2005 @ 8:40 am

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