End of Tyranny – Or just the Beginning

This post was written by marc on January 21, 2005
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Letter to the Editir

Mr. Bush talks about an end to tyranny, but if he really wanted to end tyranny – he would resign. That way senior citizens wouldn’t have to eat dog food so that the rich can get tax breaks. He uses words like “expansion of freedom” to mean that that we are going to start more wars. The darkest places in that world may be right here at home.

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I’m scared to death of what he will do to Social Security. I’m one of those “blue-hairs” that is “bleeding the workers” by receiving a check every month that barely covers the rent on my low-rent apartment.

I worked for forty years and paid my FICA taxes. That money is MINE. I worked for it. I earned it and no one has the right to touch one red cent of it.

FICA means Federal Insurance!! That money is supposed to stay in an account, drawing interest, and is to be used for retired payees. It isn’t supposed to be used for anything else, such as balancing the budget or financing wars. Its OUR money, not the government’s.

We are also supposed to receive a ‘Cost Of Living’ increase every year that is to be equivalent to the annual inflation rate. Not so! The most we receive is 2 to 3%, not the 5 to 7% of inflation.

So where does that leave this country’s Senior Citizens? Broke, or in debt and soon to be eating that cat food that Marc talks about.

Everything goes up every year.. electricity, food, rent. Prices are constantly rising, but not Social Security. I had to sell my car because I could no longer afford to keep it. The price of insurance meant that I was paying out $1.00 per mile for coverage! And I was a Safe Driver with no tickets or accidents. Now I have to wait on street corners and ride the bus with the winos.

I’m disgusted with this government and with Mr.Bush in particular. You can bet that HIS mother doesn’t have to ride public transportation!

I’m just one little old lady, living alone with her cats. What can I do? Well, I know one thing.. I”ll be doing a lot more now to make sure that the likes of Mr. Bush doesn’t set foot in MY White House ever again.

Written By Karel on January 21st, 2005 @ 3:24 pm

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