John Gilmore Fights Internal Passports – Secret Laws

My friend John Gillmore makes the news again with his fight against the Nazifying of America. A freedom loving patriot who is fighting secret laws and what is becoming internal passports to travel within the United Stated. Here’s the article. Red text is my emphasis. Grounded: Millionaire John Gilmore stays close to home while making […]

Bush Plan – 70% Tax on Social Security Benifits

So – under the Bush stock market plan – you invest you money in the market and when you retire you get to live on the profits – right? Wrong! They aren’t telling you that Bush plans to tax 70% of your earnings against your Social Security income. That means for ever dollar you make […]

Government Control of the Stock Market Coming

It’s called “privatizing Social Security” – but that’s not what it really is. A side effect of Bush’s plan is the government takeover of the stock market. Think about it. With two trillion dollars of buying and selling power the federal government – or the private parties who are doing the government’s investing – become, […]

It’s the hottest story in the Blogosphere

Blogger John Aravosis of is exposing the truth about former White House “reporter” Jim Guckert, a.k.a. “John Gannon.” The basic question underlying this scandal is simple: How on earth did a $200/hour gay male prostitute get past post-9/11 White House security nearly every day for two years to get within spitball distance of George […]

News Media Knew for 2 Years Jeff Gannon was a Fraud

The news media knew for the last two years the Gannon was a fraud and they covered it up. That’s the real story here. They all know who each other are and Gannan was clearly not one of them. For 2 years Gannon pretended to be part of the group of Washington press corps reporters […]

Bush making out with male prostitute!

This guy is as phony as Bush is! Welcome to the simulation of a free country Here’s a story that the mainstream press is running from. The guy Bush is making out with here is a gay male prostitute. His fake name is Jeff Cannon and he’s a fake White House corrispondent who pretends to […]

Public Prayer for Jews and Christians Only

RICHMOND, Va. The federal appeals court in Richmond will hear arguments today on whether Chesterfield County should allow a Wiccan priestess to give the opening prayer at Board of Supervisors meetings. The county refused to put Cynthia Simpson on the list of religious leaders invited to pray at board meetings. The board told her the […]

War with Iran soon to come

Letter to the Editor The war with Iran will happen because the Republicans need a new war for political cover for the 2006 elections. With the Republican Party poised to destroy social security they will need a serious distraction in order to hold onto power in the next election. How will the Republicans distract America […]

What does “Privatizing” really mean?

Letter to the Editor When Bush talks about “privatizing” social security – what does that really mean? Doesn’t that really mean that he’s going to take our public tax dollars that we pay to help the elderly and put it in the pockets of private people (his friends) instead? Just like “protecting” Social Security is […]

Free Spam Filtering for Progressive Nonprofit Organizations

I have been working with nonprofit organizations for years. I have what may be the best spam filter on the planet and it costs me very little to run it. I’m not rich – but I can afford to give this service away. Nonprofit orgs waste a lot of time and money every year deleting […]

Bush is coming to kill your children

As you know the mid term elections are just two years away and by then people are going to be tired of Iraq. Republicans need a fresh new war to keep up the momentum – and that fresh new war will be Iran. Of course by then the number of idiots who volunteer will have […]

Bush to cut law enforcement

Letter to the Editor Bush is cutting law enforcement so that he can make up for the funds he spent to give huge tax breaks to the rich. This on the heals of his proposal to destroy social security. The term “privatize” is a code word that really means give the money to rich private […]

The End of Social Security

Letter to the Editor Bush is reforming social security the same way he reformed the economy and everything else he’s done as president. He’s changing it from working to broken. We went for the biggest surplus in the history of the world to the biggest deficit in the history of the world. Now he’s going […]