Bush is coming to kill your children

This post was written by marc on February 7, 2005
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As you know the mid term elections are just two years away and by then people are going to be tired of Iraq. Republicans need a fresh new war to keep up the momentum – and that fresh new war will be Iran.

Of course by then the number of idiots who volunteer will have dropped off so the draft is coming back. Bush will need to harvest your children as props in his illusion of “America – a nation at War” theme.

The sad part is that American are stupid enough that it’s going to work. But – when they start saying “who would have known?” – I did – and a lot of others see this coming. It’s just too bad that the only opposition to this would be the Democrats who are generally spineless. There’s no voice for reality in the government these days.

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According to former US Marine and Iraq weapons inspector Scott Ritter, Bush has signed off on plans to invade Iran in June 2005.

Ritter recently spoke at a community college where he gave this information and the article also stated that the news of an attack on Iran in June 2005 would also be forthcoming from a “Pulitzer prize winning writer” and would be printed in a “major metropolitan magazine.” The article stated that writer was most likely Seymour Hersh of New Yorker Magazine who in a previous article wrote that “Iran would be next.”

I don’t know how to put a direct link but I used a search engine for the words “scott ritter attack iran in june” when I first heard of this and that brought up a number of websites containing the article about Scott Ritter making this statement.

So much for Bush’s statement in Europe just a couple of days ago saying that “The notion we are going to attack Iran is simply ridiculous. However all options are on the table.” If so, and Ritter’s remark is true, then that was a lie as stated by Bush as there are no “options” if he has already signed off on plans of attack for June 2005.

Written By the Watcher on February 25th, 2005 @ 2:33 pm

Not that I’m a big fan of latter-day Democrats, but their “spinelessness” is understandable after seeing what happened to Daschle and Wellstone, to name only two.

Written By Pauldog on March 20th, 2005 @ 6:24 pm

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