News Media Knew for 2 Years Jeff Gannon was a Fraud

This post was written by marc on February 21, 2005
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The news media knew for the last two years the Gannon was a fraud and they covered it up. That’s the real story here. They all know who each other are and Gannan was clearly not one of them. For 2 years Gannon pretended to be part of the group of Washington press corps reporters and – more importantly – the Washington press corps pretended Gannon was one of them. This fraud isn’t limited to just Bush trying to pull the wool over the reporters eyes here as the “legitimate” news media acts surpirsed as that try to bury this story as fast as they possibly can. They were and active part of the ploy.

Everything you see in television news is staged – it is a lie – and they are all part of the lie. And I am just not going to buy into it.

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Marc, About the media, all those White House press reporters going along with Gannon-knowing he was a fraud-what does that tell us? The Monkey Theif has covered all of his bases. He controls the voting system, the media. He is not a President, but a Dictator–of the cruellest variety. I am ashamed of our leaders, almost ashamed to be an American. Hope there is something/someway we can stop those bastards in the White House. Maybe a journalist will expose the Monkey Theif with undisputable, hardcore evidence and live long enough to get the word out. Do you think there is hope for this to come to fruition? Jackie M.

Written By jacqueline on March 9th, 2005 @ 12:35 pm

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