Church of Reality on Death and Dying

The Church of Reality has today posted it’s official position on Death and Dying. This is in response to statements buy other religions that want to impose their religious views beyond the limits of their own membership. The entire position can be read on this web page. As to Teri Schaivo specifically, we in […]

What is in the Bush’s Living Will?

Letter to the Editor First Lady Laura Bush stated that she and the President as well as their parents all have living wills in case they become incapacitated live Teri Schiavo. So – what are in their living wills? Do they want to be kept alive in a permanent vegetative state or do they want […]

Christians Confuse Me

Letter to the Editor I don’t understand why the Christian community is so committed to keeping a brain dead woman alive. After all – if she dies – according to their belief – she will be with Jesus. So – if they really believe that then why are they trying to keep her away from […]

My Reality Mirrors the News

A letter I sent to my hosting customers: An interesting software event in one of three of our email servers reflected events in the news. Last night one of the spam filter servers has a kernel crash that shut down the system. The two backup server automatically handled the load and processed all the email […]

Wendy’s gives customer “The Finger”

A customer in a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose was eating chili when she chomped down on a human finger in her food. At this time they don’t know where the finger came from.

Jeb Bush’s Doctor – William P. Cheshire – Who is he?

The Diva sent me this: Regarding William P. Cheshire, Governor Jeb Bush’s appointee to review Theresa Schiavo’s medical condition: CNN has failed to mention Cheshire’s religious conflict of interest, or to give any information regarding his past activism in the area of medical ethics vs. religious dogma. Cheshire is a Christian first, a physician second, […]

Congress and the Brain Dead

Letter to the Editor There are those who question if Congress and President Bush inserted themselves into the death of Terri Schiavo as a mere political stunt. This case, however, hits pretty close to home with a lot of members’ personal lives when it comes to withholding food from the brain dead. That’s an issue […]

Terri Schiavo – Form vs. Substance

Letter to the Editor The Terri Schiavo controversy is an example of form vs. substance when it comes to politics and religion. The battle creates the illusion that it is about saving the life of someone who is actually already dead. It gives religious people the illusion that they are in a battle for some […]

A Celebration of Failure

Letter to the Editor It’s been two years since the Iraq occupation began and the Bush administration is celebrating the anniversary of failure. It is not surprise to us who have opposed the war from the beginning that no weapons of mass destruction were found. The war is a fraud. America is in decline. We […]

Bush tries to steal from poor – again!

Letter to the Editor I want to thank the Republicans in the Senate who crossed party lines and voted with the Democrats to stop Bush from cutting medical services for the poor so that the super rich can keep their tax cuts. Poor people who are sick need medical services to stay alive and get […]

Avoiding World War 3

Letter to the Editor I’ve always wondered about how Adolf Hitler could have been stopped in the 1930s during his rise to power. And I’ve blamed the German people for not having stopped it from the beginning. But at the time nothing like that had ever happened before and our world barely escaped a one […]

Who is a real journalist?

This is a real reporter – a Republican gay make hooker- who was part of the official white house press corps. CNN was running a story today about bloggers like myself should be regulated. That if I link to a politicians web site that it would be a political contribution. Of course – “real journalists” […]

Mama Leslie’s Cereal Jar

Many of you have been wondering, “Perkel – what makes you so damn smart?” Well – I start the day off with a bowl of cereal from mama Leslie’s cereal jar. This is a trick I picked up from a sturdy wench friend of mine. It’s more than just a big glass jar of cereal. […]

Walmart wants truckers to work 16 hours a day

The law restricts truckers to 14 hour work days for traffic safety. Walmart wants to get it up to 16 hours a day. As if 14 hours behind the wheel isn’t enough. I remember back in the early 1980s I used to fix CB radios. I worked at the local truck stop in Strafford Missouri […]

Syria Speaks!

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting that even though Syria executed the president of Lebanon that the size of the protests against the United States today was far larger than the protests against Syria. I think it speaks to the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t trust Bush. Nor should they. We have […]

How to beat the high price of gas

Rising gas prices cutting into your lifestyle? I have a way to beat the system. Here are my “secrets to success” that you will find only on Marc Perkel’s blog. Here’s how it works. What you do is go out and borrow all the money you can and buy oil company stock. The oil company […]

Teresa Heinz Kerry speaks out about the Stolen Election

At least someone is finally speaking out. Here’s part of an article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer COUNTING THE VOTES: Heinz Kerry is openly skeptical about results from November’s election, particularly in sections of the country where optical scanners were used to record votes. “Two brothers own 80 percent of the machines used in the […]

It’s all bad news under Bush

Letter to the Editor The bad news is coming so fast that I can’t write about it all. Do I write about the Italian Journalist being shot? Or the CIA shipping people overseas to be tortured? Or the price of gas going up to record highs? Or the programmer you admitted writing the software to […]

Jury Duty

I’m supposed to show up for jury duty today. I checked in on the Internet about is and I was supposed to go to but typed instead. That web site had a link to another site about juror’s rights. It’s an interesting article and the point of it is that as a juror […]

Saving Social Security

Letter to the Editor President Bush and I have different views on how to save Social Security. His plan is to destroy Social Security and give the money to his rich friends. My plan to save Social Security is for the people to rise up against the Republicans and take back America before they destroy […]

Programmer comes forward revealing he wrote the code to steal the election

If Clinton were stealing elections – do you think the news media would cover it? In December 2004, computer programmer Clint Curtis swore in an affidavit that he was asked in 2000 by (now) US Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL) to design a software prototype that could “flip” the vote in South Florida voting machines. That […]

Waiting for the Apple Decision

There are a lot of stories in the news that the discovery judge in the Apple vs. PowerPage case was denied. That was a preliminary order and it was before the judge heard any arguments. The issue before the court was a discovery issue in the case of Apple v. Does. Apple seeks to be […]

Apple – Good Guys or Bad Guys?

Everyone hates Microsoft because among other things – we all know Bill Gates is the anti-christ, and we know about Microsoft’s monopolistic tactics and the companies they drove out of business like Netscape. So if Microsoft is the bad guy – does that make Apple the good guy? Not hardly. Apple is every bit as […]

Newsweek caught in a cover story lie

The cover says, “Martha’s Last Laugh – After Prision, She’s Thinner, Wealthier & Ready for Prime Time”. Newsweek is a magazine that we trust because they are after all – the mainstream legitimate news. So – one would be surprized to find out that Newsweek grafted Martha Stewart’s face on a model’s body. But that’s […]