Newsweek caught in a cover story lie

This post was written by marc on March 3, 2005
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The cover says, “Martha’s Last Laugh – After Prision, She’s Thinner, Wealthier & Ready for Prime Time”. Newsweek is a magazine that we trust because they are after all – the mainstream legitimate news. So – one would be surprized to find out that Newsweek grafted Martha Stewart’s face on a model’s body. But that’s what happened.

Newsweek explains – accourding to CBS – their fraud as follows:

The familiar Stewart face was placed upon somebody else’s body for the cover story “Martha’s Last Laugh,” making the 63-year-old domestic diva look terrific despite her five months in prison.

Editors at the weekly magazine said there was nothing wrong with the “photo illustration,” given that it was well known that Stewart isn’t doing any fashion spreads from her West Virginia prison cell.

“Anybody who knows the story and is familiar with Martha’s current situation would know this particular picture” was an illustration and not a photograph, assistant managing editor Lynn Staley said.

Newsweek said it did not intend to fool readers in any way and regretted if the photo illustration left any misimpression. “

They say we can look at it and see it’s an illustration – not a photograph? It sure fooled me. But I guess I’m just not very smart when it come to this sort of stuff. I’m not sharp enough to even tell that the guy in this photo is Bush’s favorite member of the Whitehouse press corps.

By the way – if anyone has the original pic without his cock edited out – I suse would want to get a copy of it and post it here. After all – I don’t want to be like Newsweek and use doctored photos. So if you have it – please post a link to it here.

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Heeeeeere’s Jeffy!

Not very impressive, huh?

Written By Brenda Helverson on March 3rd, 2005 @ 6:32 pm

Hi Marc!

I don’t have a link to the original photgraph, but I think I could find one (unless it has vanished down the memory hole. Even then, maybe the Wayback Machine has it).

I do have a link to a better Guckert picture than the one you have posted here. If you would like to check out this link – http:// www . funnyfarmonline . org / archives / 000310 . php (once you piece it back together) – hopefully you will be slightly amused as well.

Congrats on the new client (Power Page). Contact me sometime soon about renewing my web sites with you – I believe they’re up for renewal sometime in the next month or so. and thanks for doing all the fantastic support stuff that you do…

Written By (: Tom :) on March 4th, 2005 @ 6:27 am

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