Programmer comes forward revealing he wrote the code to steal the election

This post was written by marc on March 6, 2005
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If Clinton were stealing elections – do you think the news media would cover it?

In December 2004, computer programmer Clint Curtis swore in an affidavit that he was asked in 2000 by (now) US Congressman Tom Feeney (R-FL) to design a software prototype that could “flip” the vote in South Florida voting machines.

That affidavit was first published by blogger Brad Friedman of Shortly thereafter, Curtis, in sworn public testimony, shared the details of this story with Democratic members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee who were investigating election fraud charges in Ohio.

In 2000, Curtis was working for a Florida software company called Yang Enterprises Inc. (YEI). Feeney, who was then the incoming Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, was, at the same time, general counsel for YEI and its registered lobbyist. He had previously been Jeb Bush’s 1994 running mate for Florida Governor and continues to be a close ally of the Bush family.

Feeney has refused public comment on the matter, while YEI and their attorney (Feeney’s former law partner) have denied such an event took place. But the alibis of both Feeney and YEI have been repeatedly discredited and debunked by the reporting of Brad Friedman since December.

Clint Curtis, on the other hand, has a solid record as a whistleblower. He told Florida officials that another YEI employee, an illegal Chinese alien named Hai Lin “Henry” Nee, was engaged in high-tech espionage for China. Nee was subsequently indicted by the feds on related charged and pled guilty last year. YEI’s CEO, Mrs. Li-Woan Yang, still denies that Nee worked for them, despite federal reports and weekly time records published on The BRAD BLOG which prove otherwise.

The Florida Inspector General who originally investigated Curtis’ claims was found dead in a Georgia motel room two weeks after he told Curtis that “this goes all the way to the top.” Police called it a “suicide,” but Friedman has discovered a number of troubling new facts and inconsistencies about the police “investigation” (which was re-opened after Friedman’s reporting emerged on the Internet) including photographs of the crime scene which the police had previously said in their report did not exist.

Clint Curtis’ story has quietly rocked top Republicans from Tallahassee to Capitol Hill. Newspaper accounts of Curtis’ affidavit and testimony have been published in various local papers (Feeney’s hometown letter received a legal threat from both Feeney and YEI when they ran their story), yet the national media has largely been silent on this story despite the reams of public records, court documents and other hard evidence which confirm Curtis’ story while continually debunking both Feeney’s and YEI’s explanations.

Reader Comments

I cannot begin to imagine why the American people aren’t gathering in the streets en masse, calling for Bush’s impeachment.

What a bunch of roll-over-and-take-it-where-the-sun-don’t-shines.

Written By JayRenegade on March 6th, 2005 @ 4:39 pm

I am just dumbfounded. How people cannot be rioting in the streets is astounding. I cannot believe there are actually people out there who staunchly defend this administration. I am so disgusted.

Written By MoxieGrrrl on March 11th, 2005 @ 10:21 am

After the election I pointed out that only in those precincts in Florida and Ohio where no paper trail existed did the results vary greatly from the exit polls. No one in a position of power seemed to take this seriously and why there is no public outcry I cannot imagine. I am a military veteran, was always a staunch patriot and for the first time in my life, I an ashamed to be a citizen of the United States of America.

Written By Michael D. Mitchell on March 11th, 2005 @ 10:35 am

The things that the mainstream media refuses to publish or chooses to ignore about this Administration, is utterly astounding. George W. Bush, a man with a lengthy criminal record and a long history of living outside the law, has the most opaque past of any president in history. Yet, many people beleive that he is saintly and beyond reproach, while Bill Clinton was subjected to the most severe and embarassing scrutiny, with some media outlets even publishing articles concerning the supposed curvature of his male member! Yet, not one major media outlet has published the fact Bush has been arrested at least five times! The disparity in treatment is beyond belief.

Anyway, this story needs to be thoroughly and very publicly investigated. If we have a situation where people’s votes are being systematically discarded by electronic means, our Republic is at an end. We might just as well repeal the Constitution, which Bush has alluded to anyway. The Democratic Party needs a wealthy underwriter, like the right has in Richard Mellon-Scaife, to finance some serious oppo research against these enemies of democracy.

Thank you, Mr. Perkel for being courageous enough to provide a forum for these allegations and for hosting, the funniest and most hard-hitting site on the Web.

Written By Stephen Kriz on March 11th, 2005 @ 1:17 pm

This proves that the MSM serves at the pleasure of the president……so long as it is a rebublican president. I think that if this doesn’t make even cable news, that the coup is complete. If anybody has an opportunity to protest the smirking murdering chimp’s propaganda parade pushing Wall Street Welfare, the only word on your sign. FEENEY.

Written By Jerry Blix on March 11th, 2005 @ 6:44 pm

And the cons say the media is biased against them! The last 4 years of this corrupt administration has just proven that the media are nothing but a bunch of snivelling cowards! They are too afraid to go after this bunch because Rove will see to it they are smeared and will lose whatever access they have to the White House.


Written By PAT on March 11th, 2005 @ 7:54 pm

The United States of America, when thought of solely as the actions of our so-called leaders, is a disturbingly hypocritical, self-serving morass of lies, crimes and outright sewage.

The only way to remain in this country and remain sane, if you agree with the above, is to think of the United States of America in a very different way. Change your window, select what you value, and focus on that. For me the USA is the home of the Green Mountains, waterfalls, good neighbors and friends, musicians and artists, volunteers and idealists.

Bush and his sycophants will pass into the judgement of history and will be properly reviled, castigated and grieved as the architects of the worst era in American history: a time when all that America was founded upon was sorely eroded and threatened, and eventually…. (write your own ending.)

Meanwhile, as Sting used to sing, all we can really do is “make the best of what’s still around.”


Is anyone really surprised? This is the worst liar we have ever had in the Whitehouse. He and his gestapo will do anything to spread their lies including lying to get into a war, lying about “nuclear material from Africa”, lying about social security, giving the super rich everything and the poor nothing, buying off reporters, not allowing anyone in meetings or press conferences who disagree with them, personnally trashing anyone who is the least bit critical of them, etc. ad nauseum.

There is nothing more dangerous than the combination of power, stupidity, and arrogance.

He has all of those attributes.

Written By Don Geddes on March 12th, 2005 @ 8:01 am

I’ve begun to be afraid that Bush and the Republicans have realized they can get away with almost anything if it’s managed correctly. I’ve begun to be afraid that they’ve realized just how stupid and sheep-like most people are – until something happens that hits them personally. A friend expresses it thus: “as long as the beer stays cold…”

I’ve never believed people were that dumb until George W. Bush managed to somehow get in to the White House for a second term. I’d always thought that anyone with a functioning brain would vote for ABB (Anybody But Bush).

I have the same feeling that someone else on here expressed: Why aren’t the American people marching around the White House with torches and pitchforks? Answer: ’cause they don’t have time, ’cause it’s much easier to believe they can’t do anything about it anyway, ’cause the kids have soccer games tomorrow, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Written By Randy Russell on March 13th, 2005 @ 7:13 pm

Why is nobody talking about the “suicide of Clint Curtis in a motel room?

Written By Americana on March 15th, 2005 @ 7:40 pm

People aren’t rioting in the streets for the same reasons you aren’t rioting in the streets. Mainly, because they are waiting for someone to go first.

Any volunteers? I didn’t think so.

Written By HappySysiphus on March 18th, 2005 @ 8:25 am

Wow, somehow this news isn’t suprising at all. We must do something folks.

Everyone says “What can I do?”

Here are a few suggestions.

Number 1. TURN OFF THE TELEVISION! This really is a big deal. And if your one of those people who say, oh I only watch cartoons or the weather channel or the history channel, it is STILL conditioning, and you’re still forced into watching advertising. People don’t think it’s a big deal and that they are stronger and not susceptible to “subliminals”, but that is scientifically proven to not be the case. Disconnect from the disinformation, and start living the truth of our crisis.

Number 2. BE AWARE, AND START SPEAKING THE TRUTH ABOUT 911. Yes, it’s a controversial topic and even if people know the truth they often don’t want to speak up. But listen folks, this is such a important cornerstone issue, and everyone must realize the truth about how the government is using staged terrorists events to further their agenda. The more people that are aware now about 911, the more people will understand and stand up when the globalist stage the next 911, to try and enforce a draft and martial law.

Number 3. STOP PLAYING INTO THE FAKE POLITICAL PARADIGM. I talk to countless “democrats” who still think that the problem is completely bush. Yes bush and the neo-cons are evil, but they are still just puppet front-men for the New World Order. This whole left and right bi-polarized feud is never going to get us anywhere. We are being white-washed by issues of little to no significance while the “leaders” of the so-called democrats continue to vote for war and support many of the same things that the republicans are.

Playing into the game of fake competitor only helps their plans of dehumanization, imperialistic wars, and the further agenda of a one world government, which is openly admitted in PNAC documents, and through such organizations as the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the UN.

Anyone who cannot see that we are truly on the brink of real fascism in America needs to wake up to the state of our country, study the movement towards foreign centralized power during the last 100 years, and review the admitted plans and goals of those that are really controlling world politics.

Like Paris says, Everyone’s got opinions, but they don’t know the time.

Written By omnisprinter on March 24th, 2005 @ 10:35 am

OK, it seems some of us are just giving up on the story above. As is rightly noted, a Democratic scandal of this nature would have already led to widespread public outcry fueled by a hungry media hounding the wounded Democrat. The simple fact is Republicans cheat and steal to win elections in this country. Credible information concerning these allegations is available in alternative media, but little of this information has made it into the mainstream press. Much of the information that has come out of Blogs into prominence in the mainstream media has been more conservative than progressive. I think we should stake a claim to this type of alternative journalism ourselves. Read this story, follow the links, and let us all know what you think. Should we follow up on this and try and get the current nature of politics in this nation examined in the light of truth and facts? I for one think we should.


Written By Ed on March 26th, 2005 @ 5:00 am

It’s called “Political Hegemony” Read John Gaventa’s “Power of the Powerless” and we exhibit nearly all of the attributes that Gaventa writes in this politically horrifying but factual book

Written By Azurex on March 26th, 2005 @ 7:38 pm

It would appear that the US media are being controlled by (presumably) right wing interests.
No other explanation makes sense.

Written By Paul W on March 27th, 2005 @ 6:27 pm

has anyone ever heard of john titor? look him up. if anyon reads this, take what titor has to say to heart. i dont know about you, but i feel a war brewing between everyone. sh*t is going down, and i hate the feeling that i am the only one who knows its comming.

Written By andrew on March 27th, 2005 @ 6:36 pm

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