Walmart wants truckers to work 16 hours a day

The law restricts truckers to 14 hour work days for traffic safety. Walmart wants to get it up to 16 hours a day. As if 14 hours behind the wheel isn’t enough. I remember back in the early 1980s I used to fix CB radios. I worked at the local truck stop in Strafford Missouri […]

Syria Speaks!

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting that even though Syria executed the president of Lebanon that the size of the protests against the United States today was far larger than the protests against Syria. I think it speaks to the fact that the rest of the world doesn’t trust Bush. Nor should they. We have […]

How to beat the high price of gas

Rising gas prices cutting into your lifestyle? I have a way to beat the system. Here are my “secrets to success” that you will find only on Marc Perkel’s blog. Here’s how it works. What you do is go out and borrow all the money you can and buy oil company stock. The oil company […]

Teresa Heinz Kerry speaks out about the Stolen Election

At least someone is finally speaking out. Here’s part of an article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer COUNTING THE VOTES: Heinz Kerry is openly skeptical about results from November’s election, particularly in sections of the country where optical scanners were used to record votes. “Two brothers own 80 percent of the machines used in the […]