Mama Leslie’s Cereal Jar

This post was written by marc on March 9, 2005
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Many of you have been wondering, “Perkel – what makes you so damn smart?” Well – I start the day off with a bowl of cereal from mama Leslie’s cereal jar.

This is a trick I picked up from a sturdy wench friend of mine. It’s more than just a big glass jar of cereal. It’s a way to make cereal any way you want. So many brands of cereal out there and which one to eat? Do I want wheat, or corn, or oats, or rice, or flax seed? Is it too sweet – or not sweet enough? Does it have fiber? And they never put enough fruit or nuts in. So – what do you do?

You buy them all – and combine them any way you want. And that’s exactly what I do.

I have about 10 different kinds of cereal and I mix them all together in a big glass jar. I then add lots of raisins – often several kinds of raisins. And the nuts. I have a separate container where I mix the nuts and then add handfulls to the cereal jar. In the container on the side I mix sunflower seeds, walnuts, pecans, almonds, and any other kinds of unsalted ground nuts I can come up with. This makes it easy to add everything at once without having to get out a bunch of little bags of everything.

So – you throw it all together and you mix it all up turning the jar upside down and side to side and it’s ready to eat. Never fill the jar more that 80% because it needs room to mix. When the jar gets down to 30% full – you throw in some more cereal and fill it up.

Then when you get up in the morning you just grab a bowl – fill it up – and gobble down the most important meal of the day. It’s quick – simple – and probably good for you. So – if you all go out and get you a mama Leslie’s cereal jar – maybe someday you can be a dangerous mind like me.

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