Who is a real journalist?

This post was written by marc on March 9, 2005
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This is a real reporter – a Republican gay make hooker- who was part of the official white house press corps.

CNN was running a story today about bloggers like myself should be regulated. That if I link to a politicians web site that it would be a political contribution. Of course – “real journalists” would not be subject to the same rules because real journalists have freedom of the press.

So – what makes someone a real journalist? Is the guy in this picture a real journalist? He sure is. He’s part of the washington press corps and he’s president Bush’s favorite guy to call on for the “really tough” questions.

You see – blogglers are not only journalists – but they are the only journalists. We still have our freedom as opposed to the networks who are just whitehouse puppets.

For example – today Dan Rather leaves CBS after getting fired by the Bush administration. Presidents get to fire reporters these days. Back in the 1970s Dan Rather was one of the key reporters that led to President Nixon getting fired. Back when the press was free they asserted the freedom of the people to bring down the corrupt government. Now the corrupt government brings dow the media.

To me a real journalist is someone who brings you the real news. When the so called real journalists are really Republican gay male hookers who are hired to parrot the whitehouse line – that’s not real journalism. And all the other real journalists know about this and knew about it for the last two years and continue to cover it up.

I find it ammusing that after the CNN report they had a segment reporting on what the bloggers are saying. While the report appears to be about bloggers – it’s clear that the mainstream press is now looking at bloggers as a source of news.

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Fantastic post which I totally agree with. I run the satire site http://johnnygosch.blogspot.com, which makes fun of the surreal Age of Gannon, but I am also attempting to use my blog as a journalistic tool.

I am trying to find a Miami Lowback Plastic Armchair available for purchase locally in Iraq, the same chair used by Lyndie England and Nick Berg. I have identified the chair, and I am currently in communication with several furniture dealers in the Baghdad area. I will be blogging about my experiences in trying to purchase this chair in Iraq. I am currently offering $100 plus shipping for a $10 chair.

By the way, I hope you’ve heard that Jeff Gannon and Nick Berg are connected by one degree – Aziz K. Aziz. All this and more at http://johnnygosch.blogspot.com/

Written By Johnny on March 12th, 2005 @ 1:49 pm

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