My Reality Mirrors the News

A letter I sent to my hosting customers: An interesting software event in one of three of our email servers reflected events in the news. Last night one of the spam filter servers has a kernel crash that shut down the system. The two backup server automatically handled the load and processed all the email […]

Wendy’s gives customer “The Finger”

A customer in a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose was eating chili when she chomped down on a human finger in her food. At this time they don’t know where the finger came from.

Jeb Bush’s Doctor – William P. Cheshire – Who is he?

The Diva sent me this: Regarding William P. Cheshire, Governor Jeb Bush’s appointee to review Theresa Schiavo’s medical condition: CNN has failed to mention Cheshire’s religious conflict of interest, or to give any information regarding his past activism in the area of medical ethics vs. religious dogma. Cheshire is a Christian first, a physician second, […]

Congress and the Brain Dead

Letter to the Editor There are those who question if Congress and President Bush inserted themselves into the death of Terri Schiavo as a mere political stunt. This case, however, hits pretty close to home with a lot of members’ personal lives when it comes to withholding food from the brain dead. That’s an issue […]